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In a few hours I'll leave for Kennedy Space Center to view the Crew-4 launch. The weather is 90% go and the night is really nice.

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Here's the recovered first stage of the Starlink 4-14 launch. I took this photo from a helicopter flying over Port Canaveral.

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I'm hopefully going to view the launch of my astronaut friend Samantha Cristoforetti at Kennedy Space Center, as well as visit space facilities and places on the Space Coast. I'll try to share some photos and updates here.

This is the cover of Samantha's memoir, Diary of an Apprentice Astronaut, for which I wrote the glossary.

I was interviewed about space as a guest of Do You Speak Tech?, a show of the Near fm Dublin radio. I talked about the history of space exploration, technology spinoffs, and more.

Four years ago these days I had the privilege of hosting guided tours of the NASA: A Human Adventure traveling exhibition then in Milan, Italy. It featured lots of great mockups and unique items, such as photographic film that went to the Moon and parts of the Liberty Bell Mercury capsule.

Here are the many photos I took.

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