GlobeViewer Mars for Android is an astronomical globe app with the same rendering engine as GlobeViewer Moon but for exploring Mars. Again, GlobeViewer Mars works fine on chromeOS.

I have both apps and love them.

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The GlobeViewer Moon lunar globe is a unique and powerful astronomy app for Android. It combines shading, color, and perspective to present the shape and relief of geological features in a realistic, dramatic way. And it works fine even on chromeOS.

The Sun, moon and planets Android app has no fancy Material user interface or slick design. But it packs lots of clear and clean ephemeris, charts, and data that really tell at a glance what's up in the sky and help plan astronomical observations. I've been a longtime user of this app.

Simulation Curriculum is running a promotion for SkySafari 7 Pro for Android.

The app is great and the price right, but I'm not sure whether to upgrade from SkySafari 6 Plus. Pro downloads a huge database of celestial objects that takes up a lot of storage, which would be overkill and waste space as I don't do astrophotography or asteroid observations. But as of SkySafari 7, the leaner Plus version is no longer available.

As of version 1.4.1, the Redshift Sky astronomy app for Android can show the orbits of OneWeb satellites. This is what the satellite constellation looks like in the app on my Pixel 4 XL.

Although the 19th century Italian astronomer Giovanni Virginio Schiaparelli is well known for his pioneering studies of Mars and the canals controversy, his second and largest telescope may be less known. It was a 49 cm Merz-Repsold refractor now on display at the Leonardo da Vinci science and technology museum in Milan, Italy.

Here are the photos I took on Sep 12, 2017, when the museum unveiled to the press the beautifully restored instrument.

Cosmic Watch is my favorite spherical and practical astronomy app for Android.

Its beautiful design, multiple views, and celestial references make it a sort of virtual armillary sphere for learning about the motions of the sky. I wish I had such a tool when I began studying astronomy decades ago.

The Celestia universe simulator app for Android added split screen support. I can't figure how to activate the feature though.

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