Yet another way of controlling the Z80-MBC2 homebrew Z80 computer from chromeOS. Here's a CP/M 3.0 session in a serial terminal emulator web app. More details on the setup here:

I tested uploading programs in Intel HEX format to the Z80-MBC2 Z80 computer, which is cool as it allows running software on the bare metal such as a monitor. The screenshot shows uploading and running a Z80 Assembly demo to the Z80-MBC2.

I shared more details in this post:

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I'm checking out UCSD p-Systems, one of the operating systems the Z80-MBC2 homebrew Z80 computer can run.

The first screenshot shows the UCSD p-System boot messages, the second one the initial menu. This is a Minicom session in Crostini Linux on my Chromebox.

I recorded this screencast to show the performance of a UCSD p-System demo, a program that plots an ASCII sine wave:

The demo runs on the Z80-MBC2 homebrew Z80 computer, here are some notes on the setup:

WordStar and Turbo Pascal under CP/M 3.0 on the Z80-MBC2 homebrew Z80 computer in a Minicom terminal emulator session.

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