"Zutty is the best X terminal emulator you have never heard of", as its developer puts it. What I'm most interested in is not so much Zutty's focus on high performance, but its accuracy and support of DEC's VT-series terminals.

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Thanks to its accuracy, logging, and clear error messages the Zutty terminal emulator doubles as a good tool for debugging programs that output VT100 or ANSI escape codes. Like a CP/M program I'm writing, which I test in CP/M emulators running inside Zutty.

@IPXFong You're welcome, it's a good and well documented tool.

Speaking of "modern codebase unencumbered by historical baggage": how good is it beyond ASCII? 他在ASCII之外有多好?

@yrabbit How good is it? I'm afraid my understanding of text with ideograms is nonexistent.

it's ok:) I've already read that at least the output of such characters is fine.

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