Few things are more pleasing than a "Very Good" used book turning up in basically "Like New" condition. This one has "DDT; A,D,M,L,S,T,U" penned below the title on the title page, for some reason, but otherwise appears to be pristine.

And a quick shout out to @amoroso and @goosey for the book recommendation.

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ADMLSTU? A command summary:

CP/M Dynamic Debugging Tool

4.2 DDT Commands

4.2.1 The A (Assembly) Command
4.2.2 The D (Display) Command
4.2.3 The F (Fill) Command
4.2.4 The G (Go) Command
4.2.5 The I (Input) Command
4.2.6 The L (List) Command
4.2.7 The M (Move) Command
4.2.8 The R (Read) Command
4.2.9 The S (Set) Command
4.2.10 The T (Trace) Command
4.2.11 The U (Untrace) Command
4.2.12 The X (Examine) Command


@elb @amoroso @goosey

@EdS @amoroso @goosey I'm assuming that it's the commands the original owner used most often, yeah! However, they're not super useful without some hint as to what they are and what they do. ;-)


@elb @EdS @goosey I'm more of a SID user but the commands are similar.

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@amoroso @elb @EdS
in my limited experience sid/zsid is a lot more stable on z80

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