These books present opposite approaches to designing a library of reusable Intel 8080 Assembly code:

- Macros: "Mastering CP/M" by Alan Miller, 1983

- Subroutines: "CP/M Assembly Language Programming" by Ken Barbier, 1983

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im more of a subroutine guy, macros are too assembler-dependant.

but ill also preprocess assembly with m4 for include files and yes, occasional macros...

@goosey By the way, what Assembly toolchain do you use with m4? Which CPU do you target?

i have an 8080 cross assembler, asm80 that i maintain for unix and risc os
it is based on cpm's ASM.COM so no macros....

also the old motorola 68xx cross assemblers. their docs recommend m4 for macros/file inclusion which is where i got the idea

the internet assures me that i am insane to use m4.

@goosey Do you have an asm80 project site?

I'm another insane who uses m4 for Assembly macros

no git but the tarball and/or zip has full source

(the source is basically identical. RO version may have slightly better docs -- in an obscure RO hypertext format 😛)

when i get a week where my world isn't on fire I'd like to experment with sdf's gittea server but thats not this week.

i don't quite understand the hatred directed at m4. its a good solid generic macro processor. it's syntax is old-school but it's not that bad... gpp is a newish thing and not everybody has a seperate C preprocessor (or wants to fight it to make it not emit poundLINE lines!!!)

hatred for macros on general, OK I do get. macros are powerful and dangerous. but why people pick on m4 specifically?

@goosey Thanks!

Although m4 has a steep learning curve, for basic stuff it's not that bad. And m4's killer feature is its ubiquity.

Do you have any links to Motorola 68K cross-assembler documentation or other resources with examples of m4 Assembly macros?

for whatever reason I don't have anything for cross assembling m68k. 😢

all the 68k assembly ive done was either on a Sun 3 or a AT&T UNIX PC.

@goosey No problem, thanks anyway.

I found a microcontroller assembler that comes with an m4 macro package: The m4 source has plenty of examples of using m4 for Assembly macros:

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