I use CP/M for my retrocomputing projects but its default "ed" text editor is too arcane for me. A great replacement is the "te" screen-oriented editor which also supports macros, C auto-completion, auto-indentation, and automatic lists.

In this screenshot "te" is running in the z80pack CP/M emulator under Crostini Linux on Chrome OS.

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I hear good things about TE but I haven't tried it yet.
Customizing it to a new terminal requires rebuilding it, and I havent been modivated to set up Yet Another Small-C just to rebuild TE.

@goosey There are te binaries prebuilt for a dozen popular terminals. Do you use an unsupported terminal?

yep, unfortunately... TVI912, which is basically a mutant adm3a.

te_kaypro comes close to being ok, but... isn't. (i forget which code is different but its an important one.)

ill get to it eventually. might not be this summer though, my cpm box does NOT appreciate the heat. Im planning on building an S100 fan card first.

@goosey I currently use CP/M emulators but I'm about to get a Z80 single-board computer running CP/M, so it'll be interesting to try te on actual hardware.

sounds like fun!
I'm trying to avoid getting more computers but some of those new little z80 boxes soubd really neat....

@goosey Don't tell me, I've just ordered _another_ Z80 card 😀

@goosey The first card I ordered is the Z80 Membership Card kit, which a friend is assembling:

The second one I've just ordered, the Z80-MBC2, is optionally sold already assembled (which I got) but is also available as a kit:

ive heard of the mbc2, sounds like a neat piece of gear!

@amoroso I managed to get by for a good 3-4 years of using Unix-like systems before finally learning vi. I remember the horrors of EDLIN under MS-DOS, and finally rejoiced at finding decent text editors that were either free or inexpensive.

@skquinn I know the basics of vi and use it when needed, but CP/M's ed is just not worth the effort.

@amoroso Wow! That is so cool to see ChromeOS emulating retro hardware through a #linux #terminal. The most #emulation I've done on my #chromebook is playing Magnavox Odyssey 2 games through the RetroArch #android app. Works pretty well. I'll have to explore more emulation stuff when I get the free time to. That said it's great to see how powerful ChromeOS is through someone else's point of view.

@kellyn Thanks!

In general I play with online emulators on Chrome OS. But I use z80pack extensively and it's more flexible when run locally, so I installed it under Crostini.

@amoroso Yeah I should try some web based emulators too. I've heard of several good ones. I came to ChromeOS from Linux so I do a lot of stuff on Crostini too.

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