Welcome to my new followers and thanks for considering me.

I can assure you I'm passionate for my interests and share practical stuff, projects, experience, and content. No stock photos, SEO, marketese, clickbait, or viral stuff.

I guess many of you are checking out Mastodon after Twitter's acquisition by Elon Musk. I'm curious how you found me as Mastodon has no algorithmic recommendations and few discoverability tools.

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@amoroso I read an article about the 'Trunk' lists of voluntary follows and found your account there...

@btj Thanks, I got from there some good people to follow too.

@amoroso ,

Yeah #ElonMusk ,Dangerous :(

I Recently Joined Too :)

I Often Looked For People On Twitter , Recommendations, & Algorithm,

Yet I Choose More, Joined 2009 :)

@amoroso , Oh Year #Twitter User Mentioned: #Mastodon & Went From There Too :) 😀

You ?. !. :/ 🤔

@Scott1984FP I had been seeing Mastodon mentioned for years by various tech sites and bloggers. When my Twitter presence stagnated, I decided to give Mastodon a try.

@amoroso ,Cool :)

Again Also Well Ahead Of Me Too, I Only Found About Mastodon Literally On Twitter.Com Last Month, & Wished Had Known About It Years Ago Too,As I Like Twitter & Instagram, Yet Knew Risks Of Being Bought Out, Just Like FaceBook Who Bought Instagram Years Ago & I Dislike Facebook Too & Only Stay Due To Family LOOPS :)

Also I Like To Join Social Media App's Where I Think Can Have Nice Interactions & Hope To Meet Like Minded People,& Politics Needs More Debate

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