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Check out FLOSS-UX.

As you all know #UX is generally a weak spot in #FLOSS projects.

"This project is dedicated to improving, educating and creating discussion for the benefit of everyone interested in Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS). What does it take to create user experiences that rival proprietary software with huge budgets and design teams? Let’s figure it out as a community, through discussion and cooperation!"

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Confession: I can't read any code examples with the common foo/bar/baz dummy values without feeling nauseous.

It's exceptionally painful in TypeScript:

const foobar: Bar = {
bar: [{ foo: "foo" }, { foo: "bar", bar: "baz" }],

What the actual fuck?

Let's stop using these and learn how to name our variables, 'mkay?

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Our CEO just referred to SaaS as "Software as a hostage" and I think that's pretty spot on.

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i will go to almost any lengths to read your website OTHER THAN creating a "Free Account"

Would you rather:
Be on C++98 for the rest of your life
Never be allowed to use "using" ever again (including string literals and typedefs)

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Has anyone actually gotten to 'find_package()' using a home built *-config.cmake file?

Am I the only one to have the problem that what I call a prototype, my boss calls a product ?

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PeerTube v3: it’s a live, a liiiiive !

🎉🎉🎉 PeerTube v3 is out today!!! 🎉🎉🎉

On the blog :
➡️ The stages of development
➡️ Peer to peer live streaming
➡️ A behind-the-scenes short film
➡️ What we imagine for the future!

Illus CC-By @davidrevoy

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We love open source so much, we have built our own captcha - instead of just using Google's! 💪😍 Check here why this is so important:
#opensource #FOSS

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Can you see the numbers in their silhouettes?
Here is my illustration to wish the end of the pandemic for 2021. Let's hope it will happen.
Happy New Year!

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upcoming mass(todon) migration! 

PSA: instagram is changing its terms of service starting 12/20 to more strictly ban/delete lewd/sexual content on its platform.

many sex workers and sex educators are looking for a new home, and mastodon has been mentioned many times as an alternative option.

don’t be surprised if you start to see an influx of lewd content and SWers on this platform starting next week!

i hope fedi is excited to host more SWers!! if i see y’all slutshaming i will call you out.

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Domestic violence, fundraising 

My friend Amber is escaping her physically abusive spouse. Despite a protective order, he attacked her again, and it's likely he will keep doing so until she is able to move to an apartment he does not have the address for.

Amber is physically disabled and has been prevented from obtaining work by her ex. She's raising money for her and her kid's safety. If you can, please donate:

If you can't, please boost the signal. Thank you!

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Dear American friends and followers: health care enrollment - - is now open and the deadline for it is December 15th. There hasn't been a major announcement from the U.S. Government about that because of course there hasn't and fuck you that's why, but if this matters to you at all I suspect it matters to you a lot. Please tell your friends, and don't sleep on this, this year of all years.

Candy, coca-cola and James McNellis' 2017 talk about dynamic linking in windows. Saturday night, livin' it up 😁

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i cant wait for python 4 where you type quit in the REPL and it quits rather than recognizing that you want to quit and telling you off and refusing to quit

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