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Had a wonderful experience at work before the holidays:
I was doing some tooling work on desktop, that needs to interface to what runs on the target and wow, is C++ a wonderful language, when you can just use libraries and strings and not worry about them allocating. Just throwing in a constructor if things can't work.
The code was so elegant and using Conan just worked, without having to set up toolchain files as and profiles.
Oh well, I'll remember that feeling for a while.

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(Pro bonaj komencvortoj)

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Ludu nun!

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Hello community,

We're thrilled to be working on new hardware releases for the USA and Canada.

We're super excited to launch new phones very soon.

Do you want to become a beta tester?

For more details, e-mail us to with the subject "USA/Canada new tester".

Please, specify in your message what state you are from and your current carrier.

@e_mydata @gael

#tester #USA #Canada #privacy #smartphones # phone #hardware #yourdataisYOURdata #os #eOS

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Bought myself Fairphone 3+ with /e/os preinstalled. Will write a post about it when i get it.

I hope it will last me ~10 years at least.

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Hey Fediverse!

The @owncast project could really use some help! 🙏

At the moment the lead dev @gabek is having to handle an awful lot at once. The platform would be much more sustainable if there were more people on the team.

Everyone who wants to help is welcome, but of course there are some specific areas where help is especially welcome:

Please get in touch with @owncast or @gabek if you want to help out!

For those who don't know, OwnCast is a Twitch-style livestreaming and chat service for the Fediverse. You can follow OwnCast accounts from Mastodon etc and you will see a post in your timeline when the account goes live. There's a site about it at and a directory of featured streams at

Boosts welcome!

#Fediverse #OwnCast #HelpNeeded

Hmm, can't really say why, but I think I prefer to .
It really is the same idea, maybe It's just that the
concept isn't as foreign the second time.

I do worry though that all the experts have just given up on and went: "Screw this! I'll just make my own C++, with beers and hookers".

Still, an interesting experiment.

Very good talk to explain generic programming in Modern C++.
A bit opinionated, quite hard to follow material, but presented well and made understandable.
Really helped me understand the code I'm looking at now ( I hope )

(sorry for the YouTube link)


Why is it always the boring milestones that are celebrated?

This one is much cooler

Why do people think nobody likes modern C++ programmers?
They tend to have only hidden friends.

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Trafa pafo!

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Ludu nun!

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Tiu certe estas vorto...

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Ludu nun!

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Denove nova vorto, hurra!

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Ludu nun!


Breakthrough on the code I'm going to present at .
This is going to be so great!
Just hope I'll be able to get all of my points across in just one hour.

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Miaj novaj komencvortoj ne estas tre efektiva.

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Ludu nun!

Save the environment, convert your programs to C++
(Or , or something that's compiled)

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