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On this day in 1983, socialist revolutionary Thomas Sankara became president of Burkina Faso at the age of 33. He only lasted 4 years because he was killed in a military coup suspected to be backed by the US and France.

Sankara won the love of his people because of his socialist programs and economic prosperity, his confrontation with the national elite, Western imperialism and neo-colonialism.

In those 4 short years he:

• Vaccinated 2.5 million children against meningitis, yellow fever, and measles in weeks.

• Initiated a nationwide literacy campaign, increasing the literacy rate from 13% in 1983 to 73% in 1987.

• Redistributed land from the feudal landlords and gave it directly to the peasants.

• Appointed women to senior positions, encouraged them to work, and granted pregnancy leave during education.

• Called for a united front of African nations to repudiate their foreign debt, arguing the poor and exploited did not have an obligation to repay money to the rich and exploiting.

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*perceiving* whoa haha wow this whips

*being perceived* shit, oh no, what the fuck

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Helping Gitlab to save money by deleting all of my projects there.

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More sanity from my home country: Māori tribal leaders & their advisers call for data sovereignty, to take back control of what is theirs. Cited is "an intergenerational approach to data, as a taonga (treasure)"

Self-hosting is included as a strategy, servers at home & on the marae (meeting house).

This initiative can be seen as a form of infrastructural de-colonisation, reclaiming what has been lost to the digital imperialism of AWS, Microsoft & other 'cloud' giants

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Lampblack is committed to providing direct aid to poets, storytellers, & essayists in need. We are still providing micro-grants for Black writers. Apply through our website or send an email to ‘’ to nominate a Black writer who could use funding.

Just spotted a dragonfly outside the window. Looked to be about 4” wingspan, 5” body length. Bigger than I expected.

Spotted a dead one yesterday. With the exception of maybe having seen one in Coney Island two years ago (memory fails), I can’t remember the last time I saw one. At least ten years.

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Can anyone recommend some cool Gemini capsules? Boosts appreciated.

One thing they do: bill you a preposterous amount (say $5000) for a fully covered item, then when you call them on it, they say they made a mistake and amend it—to $500. They are betting that you’ll pay them $500 you don’t owe, purely out of fatigue. That’s in their business model.

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If I was looking for a good commodity Linux virtual hosting provider with facilities in Africa (preferably African owned & run) whom should I investigate? appear in a quick search... can anyone vouch for/recommend them?

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Super handy alias for checking out GitHub pull requests:

gh pr list | cut -f1,2 | gum choose | cut -f1 | xargs gh pr checkout


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One of the few places on Earth not claimed by any country. An American trekked there and claimed it in 2014 as the Kingdom of North Sudan so he could make his daughter a princess.

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It's quite sobering to think that the Internet is an infinitely malleable frontier of consciousness where humanity can build literally anything we can dream

and yet, one of the things we dreamed, and then agreed was a good thing to actually make, is Sharepoint.

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work rant 

For the last four months, everything I touch (and some things I don’t touch) at work has turned to shit. I really need things to turn around and some portion of that will need to be blind luck.


My wife was telling her mother that the CDC had acknowledged that monkeypox was airborne, and her mother disagreed. You know where this is going. CDC scrubbed that information from their website.

Their website seems to be down right now, but here's the archive link:

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celebrity death, star trek 

Nichelle Nichols has passed away at age 89. Sint ei stellae splendidae.

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“Christianity didn’t become a world religion because of the quality of its teachings, but by the quantity of its violence.”


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I have an ASUS home router.

I want to set up three subnets in the house (for modem & router, for WiFi devices, and for wired connections)

I'm still learning, so I cannot (yet) turn my general knowledge into a specific solution. The ASUS router webterface is not particularly helpful here.

Anyone out there that can help? (boosts encouraged)

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