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any #remote / #WorkFromHome options yall know about that arent engineers or devs?

i am a smol unknowing ginger

data entry, management, leadership/coordination, research are all skills i have tho

Ukraine war 

Starting to think that what’s actually being contested now is whether Russian/Chinese contractors get to rebuild Ukraine, or USA/EU contractors.

Today’s 5/9.

It’s the anniversary of The Five Nine.

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covid, long covid 

this seems to be a worldwide thing but i can only guess at that, while I'm very certain about the US experience: we have all been inundated in misinformation about this virus, about what it physically does: how it spreads, how it replicates, how it harms the human host.

please please just hold on to the fact that this is an extremely fucking serious disease with poorly-understood effects even for so-called "asymptomatic" cases.

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Okay. Let's try to start something.

I have a small supply of #planB, which I am willing to overnight to anyone who needs it.

If you have a supply of #planB that you are willing to send to people who need it, please post to the hashtag #planB. If you see someone posting under this hashtag, please boost their post for visibility.

If you think you need #planB, monitor this hashtag and DM someone who says they have it.

Take it to DMs to get it sorted out.

When it's taken care of, delete your #planB posts.

We have to take care of each other. #mutualAid

If you ever participated in #iCanHazPDF, you know how this works already.

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Had a conversation with someone recently where they were reflecting on how they don't have "risk factors" for covid and so they're less concerned about getting it, but they understand other people aren't in that position.

I didn't want to get into it, but years of focusing on dying or ICU as the only material consequences of covid have made it impossible for people to grasp the risk of long covid. We don't know the risk factors for long covid. We don't know why some get it and some don't.

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Hey friends! As a reminder, crisis pregnancy centers (which frame themselves as offering abortion then work to push visitors toward anti-choice outcomes) will likely see a lot of traffic and “good press” as anti-abortion action proceeds. These centers often traumatize and outright lie to visitors about their options, e.g. by intentionally misleading you to delay abortion until it is illegal.

In case you were curious, there are resources to find these businesses in your area.

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Spouse and I did a tour of the corporate news yesterday. I feel like a foreigner in my own country whooarrggh.

First I gotta cull my follow list. Then I gotta automate converting my remaining followers to nitter RSS feeds. It’s the first part that’s gonna take a while. Although really I should be aggressive about culling institutions, and people I don’t really know. That should cut down on the time. If I miss anyone I can always add them back.

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Reposting this from four days ago to add hashtags:

I'm in communication with a new Mastodonian who is looking for a "Mastodon app that is accessible to the blind" -- I've asked for clarification as to which platform but I think that any information posted might be helpful to *someone*.


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Love this line in git docs:

First, you’ll use this technique to solve one of the most annoying problems known to humanity: version-controlling Microsoft Word documents. Everyone knows that Word is the most horrific editor around, but oddly, everyone still uses it.

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In terms of organizing, here are the states that have trigger laws that will criminalize 1st/2nd trimester abortions once RvW is overturned:

North Dakota
South Dakota

Look for state races to overturn such laws and DEFINITELY look for aid groups providing legal and medical support to women there.

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Do you speak Hindi, Romanian, Slovak, Italian, or Dutch? We're looking for additional volunteers to ensure we have continued translation coverage for these languages in SecureDrop.

See this Localization Lab overview to get started:

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It’s not something I talk about much, maybe because I’ve watched too much tv in my life, but I really dig tv.

Today I’m gonna check out the first episode of “Ozark”, season 4, part 2 (which was released yesterday, but we skipped it because we had family in town).

The Cure sez you’re just an object, object!

The JavaScript Cure sez you’re just an [object Object]

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