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starting my annual campaign to get jon bois on mastodon

People, esp outside USA, should know that there's a tavern here where you can throw axes at targets.

Haha I lied. There is a chain of three such taverns.

It's called Kick Axe. Look it up. Avoid USA.

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Hacker types! :flan_hacker:

If you haven't checked out Low Tech Magazine, you *really* need to.

I'm the only one on my team who works in light mode with no music. And last week I read a thing saying light mode is easier on the eyes for most people. And today I read a thing saying silence correlates with productivity for most people. So. I'm surrounded by circus freaks I guess. No judgies, crew!

My cousin is a nyacker that is he was raised in Nyack

Ok went with Debian and Xfce but I will get Openbox running on the next machine which should be coming soonish.

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An embryonic blog post about how searching the internet for solutions to tech/sysadmin/developer problems is suboptimally weird, and symptomatic of insufficient attention paid to documentation. I dunno. Not sure if this is even true. This post is actually a cover for a thing I'm trying not to jinx.

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Please boost!

Looking to raise $2000 to buy a new laptop for Amari, a Black disabled autistic trans person from Atlanta. Badly injured their back and cannot continue to work as a massage therapist right now.

“I’m currently using my art platform to attempt to make ends meet, while also liberating myself through Black Art. I am in need of a laptop, so I can design a website, as well as work on my digital art & not rely on just my phone to run my business.”

Desperate to get a Linux box. Just not feeling Apple anymore. Maybe later this year. 🤞

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Every n months I get the itch to make a vm & install a Linux on the Mac boxes I've got. Never fails. This time, I have completely fallen for qemu. Installing Debian & Openbox so I can recreate/improve upon the Crunchbang experience of ~2012

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More exciting news: I knocked over our tv so I guess we're getting a new tv. It'll be the first tv I've purchased. And yes I'm that guy who sez that lulz.

us pol 

Over at the birb I cracked wise about Bari Weiss. But really I'm bummed she's leaving the New York Times. Her extreme positions, with that megaphone, have the potential to radicalize a lot more people, by emphasizing that they have a home there. That is, she can repulse readers and show them the true orientation of NYT.

Well I ended up abandoning Powerline for airline/tmuxline/starship. Decreasing my python footprint lol.

Powerline just blew up on me; no warning; led to a chain of regrets I haven’t reached the end of yet. The end will be to delete the computer.

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