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So once again government incompetence has cut off funding for my dream gig (it was a nice... few months, anyway) and I'm adrift in the covid economy.

If you have a line on work involving: Audio Mixing, Audio Programming, Multimedia manipulation or programming in general, or a general Python / Rust gig, I would really, really appreciate it.

In the meantime, I have albums available for sale here:

I also take music commissions.

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Nuclear aircraft carrier: 0
One small virus: 1

Maybe this whole 'nuclear deterrent' thing isn't exactly the best use of resources.

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mediation is tomorrow, eviction today, help needed, please boost 

...our landlord just texted and said if we can't pay our back rent, they will need to find someone else for our rental space.

Mediation is tomorrow, and they know that.

I reminded them that mediation should cover our rent for the rest of the year, and have shut off my phone for now.

I have to focus on the mediation, rather than the lack of digital currency to sustain my survival past tomorrow morning.

Literally anything helps, we owe $530.30 for this month, and $313.50 from last month.

If you can help out at all, my gofundme is still the most reliable way to send money (unless you're on Simple Banking, in which case DM me or @woozle).

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A little slow but my employer finally closed the office today.

Practicing saying “Coney Island” in a Philadelphia accent

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ForgeFed is an upcoming for enabling between version control services. It’s built as an extension to the protocol, allowing users of any ForgeFed-compliant service to interact with the repositories hosted on other instances.

is looking for contributors to their roadmap items, for which you'll receive funding (thanks to )



I guess I should elaborate.We were living in a crappy apartment (with amazing views of a 19th century cemetery) for 6y, when an unattended leak yielded a mold infestation behind our bedroom wall. We later concluded that the mold was what was making my spouse sick, in and out of ERs, on and off IV antibiotics. So we had to sprint out of there, and strongarm our landlords into a settlement. While we were living there, rents have gone up sharply, very hard to find something in our budget now. So thass wassup.

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“Kickstarter workers are now the first white collar workers at a major tech company to successfully unionize in the United States, sending a message to other tech workers.”

We’re effectively homeless right now so if anyone has a line on an apartment in nyc DM me. Thanks!

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Due to an unusual set of circumstances, I find myself living for a month in a low-tier luxury building in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. After years of living in ordinary nyc apartments or worse I am astounded. All of the things you expect are here: doorman, package room, roof access. But there’s also free (bad) coffee in the lobby, WiFi enabled work spaces, a cinema (!), and a two-story gym with free water and wipes. Extraordinary.

us pol 

What happened in ‘68 is gonna happen again. Bernie’s gonna destroy Iowa. The DNC will take him down this summer. Trump will defeat the DNC shill. By all means go out and vote, but be ready for 2021.

Anyone else in NYC live in a REIT floated on the Tel Aviv stock exchange?

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From HN discussion - "This is why I use ad blockers and a pi-hole server" (

This is GDPR in action. Wow.

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"Slaves of New York" means you have to drop everything to get out of an apartment that's destroying your lungs, hey dilly dilly, feelin' fine, elderberry wine.

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The UN Special Rapporteur on Torture called Chelsea Manning's imprisonment and daily fines "an open-ended,
progressively severe measure of coercion fulfilling all the constitutive elements of torture
or other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment".

Full letter:

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