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It’s probable that the only people in my office who haven’t lost productivity to COVID are myself (immune compromised, work from home) and the epidemiologist (studies spread of disease, works from home during a pandemic).
I believe every other person has had at least one symptomatic case.

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friendly reminder that customer satisfaction surveys are most often used to evaluate the employee who provided a service to you. please don't use them to voice your grievances with the company more broadly. if you want to complain to the company, write to corporate.

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The Procurement Chamber in the German state of Baden-Württemberg decided that the transfer of personal data outside of the EU is not #GDPR compatible.

"It’s a landmark decision that has a huge influence in Germany & the rest of Europe" #GDPR #SchremsII

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Racism, by far, has been the most effective tool in making white people ignore/justify the horrors they've endured because of capitalism.

Capitalism would not exist if it weren't for white people's attachment to racism.

@renata Spicy take: among many Americans, especially those who’s family has been in the country several generations, multilingualism is so alien that being able to get by in L2 is indistinguishable from speaking L2. This has been my experience anyway, so: USA-centric anecdote.

So “speaking L2” has an uncomfortably wide range of connotations, I think.

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a friend sent me the following:

"never spend 10 minutes doing something by hand when you can spend 10 hours failing to automate it"

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So about that Twitter thing here:

- 2022-01: Twitter learns of a vuln allowing anyone to find the account a phone number or e-mail is connected to. They "had no evidence" of it being exploited, so they took their time.

- 2022-07: Fix is deployed. They still didn't tell anyone.

- 2022-08: Twitter learns it _was_ exploited, and a data dump is already on sale.

Sounds like a bog standard incident, but here's the kicker:

- 2022-03: invades .


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In 1997, @Wired magazine published a long file "the next 25 years will be incredibly prosperous for Humanity" before making a sidebar "unless one or two of these ten events occur". Enjoy !

@living8bit @renata @cwebber I’ve got a TinyTinyRSS instance hosted on Yunohost, newsboat client on the laptop and TinyReader on iOS.

I pared down my Twitter follows and turned them into Nitter feeds, so I can peruse a Twitter timeline without visiting Twitter.

I ❤️ RSS.

A while back I had a friend named Julius who identified as a mountain. It gave him peace to think of himself that way - tall, stoic, steadfast, majestic. But he was deeply resentful of actual mountains, because they had what he couldn't. The last time I saw him, he'd agreed to go to therapy, and I heard from him recently and was pleased to find out that after years of counseling and personal work, 

@noelle @heartles @scoots and thus is this day redeemed over here


Just skimmed an article arguing against WFH that did not mention COVID at all, not once.

I’m not a violent person I’m not

@kauer @futzle was just looking at this article which is bizarrely detailed

@futzle @Stoori There’s a town in Québec called Saint-Louis-du-Ha! Ha!

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western news talking about China 🙃 

@platypus I feel like China’s astonishingly low COVID mortality rates show that they’re the only ones who know how to handle this, and everyone else should keep quiet and take notes. *screams inwardly daily*

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