So looks like I'm getting a new laptop. I have never bought a non-Apple computer. But AFAICT the new M1's don't take to Linux very easily, so I'll be getting a non-Apple.

Please send me your loves and hates. I'd like to get something that'll last 8 years, as my MacBook has.

Perhaps notable: I'm not a gamer.

Thanks all!

Narrowed it down to two:
- Dell XPS 15
- Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 8

@amcooper keep us posted on what you decide! I'd like to pick up a Linux machine too

Should get a menacing Kali Linux sticker even though I’ve never run Kali Linux

The new box is reportedly arriving tomorrow, a full week early 🚢 Still need stickerzzz

Crappy update: Dell XPS 15, Arch Linux. First crack I was left without sound and video but I‘d made a mistake in the installation. So I’m probably gonna start over (probably not until 2022/09/10).

I might try installing Mint in a VM and see if I can get sound and video working in there, although that seems fanciful.

👋🏾 @CodingItWrong @sntyj

Joyful update: During a severe bout of insomnia, I reinstalled the OS & have audio out of the box.
👋🏾 @CodingItWrong

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