The last year I’ve really had to lean into listening to music while working. Over time I’m defining a sweet spot of stuff that doesn’t put me to sleep while not itself drawing my attention tooooo much.

It’s a weird shape. It includes Brahms 3rd and 4th symphonies but not his 2nd. Mahler 1 and 5 are in, Mahler 2 is out. I’ve got about six pieces in there, trying to expand it before I tire of them.


I don’t mostly listen to European classical outside of work. A segment of it works for me for work.

Anyway I’d never heard Brahms 4 before this year and I looovvveee it. But weirdly it doesn’t make me stop working. If I put on something by Willie Colón & Héctor LaVoe or Martina Camargo, I can’t work, I’ve gotta just soak it all in.

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