I was watching “Vigil” last night (no spoilers), and Rose Leslie’s character walked up to a door featuring a stained glass compass rose. A practical one, oriented correctly (so I gathered, because West was at about one o’clock).

I got excited. I used to be a cartographer. I have opinions about this. If I were the Negus of New York, I would put compass roses at every subway exit and at least half the sidewalk intersections, inlaid into the concrete in metal.

You know what? Let’s add the names of the next street in each direction. You get out at Warren, you can walk south to Baltic or north to Wyckoff.

Negus Amcooper can walk and chew gum at the same time, so let’s also put the homeless into vacant homes and expropriate corporate landlords.


(And yes I’m aware that “Vigil” is copaganda and Russophobia.)

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