Just finished Outer Range season 1.
- It feels like a parody of the odious, far-right Yellowstone (much of which we hate watched)
- A parody, but way better and way smarter.
- A parody as if they thought “Let’s plagiarize Yellowstone closely enough to enrage them but not so closely that they can sue us lol”
- So rare to see something creative and surreal on tv that still tells a coherent story
- If they can keep this up for three seasons it’ll be a miracle.

Oh for jebus’s holy sake I forgot why I posted this. The final episode featured not one but two Judee Sill renditions. One by one of the actors, the other by Mama Cass.

If you don’t know Judee Sill, read her Wikipedia bio at least—it’s fascinating. I found out about her through a song by Aaron Lee Tasjan. I’ve forgotten how I learned about Tasjan.


I’ve discovered that the name Tasjan comes from the Armenian ‘Tashjian’ and means something like ‘descendant of the stonemason’.

Am I procrastinating? Yes. But I am a sucker for etymology and onomastics and always have been.

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