Today at the semicolon mines, every snag I hit, all coding, I was able to solve. I’d say it was one of those days, but that never happens.

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Mobilizon : let’s finance a software to free our events from Facebook ! #Framablog #TootOuRien

We have less than 60 days to finance Mobilizon. Less than 60 days to promote our project of a free and federated alternative to Facebook events ; and to know how much we need to invest ourselves in it.

Change the software of the people who change the world?
From climate walks on …

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I'm so fed up with all those web apps & browser tabs, I wrote my own Mastodon client in Go & QML 😊

I know that's quite the tease, but soon enough I'll release this publicly - and if you're really curious, with a bit of digging around you can actually already find it online. You know, just in case you want to join in and help me develop this thing 😆

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Dear #QubesOS #TAILS #InfoSec , if hypothetically one would need to run Tails with persistent storage from an img file that (dd FTW!) in Qubes, how would one proceed?

Asking for a friend. ;)

Yes, I have tried:

Next idea is to just dd the img file back to an actual USB and run the VM from that USB stick, but that's... meh.

What I cannot find anywhere is documentation on how to tell Qubes which volume/disk a VM should start from.

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Rose Eveleth from Wired has noticed the worrying parallels between Italian Futurism and Silicon Valley culture.

<< Let’s first take a look at the words often used to describe the Italian Futurist movement: invention, modernity, speed, industry, disruption, brash, energetic, combative. Italian Futurists were obsessed with cars and airplanes; they emphasized youth over experience; they believed that the only way to live was by pushing forward and never looking back. >>

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That's what I'm talking about. Edit a file on the server, Cobalt static site generator notices and rebuilds the static content and nginx serves it up. Ideal. No cms bullshit, works from my mobile just like my desktop. Awesome. #IndieWeb

Two new birds today: White-breasted nuthatch at the feeder, and the oft-heard, rarely-seen mourning dove, just chillin’ in a tree.

No pic but imagine a WET PAINT sign repurposed to read T-PAIN

US pol 

2016 Sublime
2017 Atom
2018 VS Code
2019 vim
Let's refrain from seeking meaning in nonsense.

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I feel like not enough people focus on the fact that Germany wants to outlaw hosting Tor servers. A significant amount of Tor is hosted from Germany, but more importantly, if Germany outlaws it, many other countries that so far were afraid to do so will follow suite. All intelligence agencies despise Tor and lobby their governments to shut it down. It's a slippery slope.

#Tor #Germany #Privacy

I always wondered 'Why sed?' Last week I started building Linux From Scratch.


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OnionShare 2 adds anonymous dropboxes, supports new Tor addresses, and is translated into a dozen new languages

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A Selenium Grid on Windows 10 is spawning Firefox instances faster than I can close them.

That's it. That's all I got.

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I got a pull request merged into signal-cli! Very exciting milestone for me :)

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Always make sure to document your code, especially if you're bound to get called about it all hours of the night:

I’m like 4 for 4 on upgrading a system and unintentionally breaking PostgreSQL. Charlie Brown and Lucy and the football.

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