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Hi, I’m amcooper—Friend to capybaras—Pretty good (currently: )—Supporter of of clouds and neighborhood trees—Enthusiast of old music from all over—Ex-
-ist ()—Zerzan appreciator— enthusiast—Bespoke —Did I say 'ex-cartographer'?

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🦅 Couple of red-tailed hawks paid us a visit. Came in my direction, chose not to fly over our building, turned around and headed back toward the river 🦅


Three members of my spouse’s family probably have COVID and they and their households are all in denial about it sweet jeebus

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so. hello, new followers! I was a bit intimidated by my followercount going up by about 1/6 after @FediFollows boosted me, so to mitigate my intimidatedness (which is a real word, probably!) I made a doodle thingy based on your avatars. sorry people with photos, you'll probably not recognize yourselves, but I promise I tried :D

* brian eno - taking tiger mountain (by strategy) as suggested by @ernstd
* primus - frizzle fry as chosen by me

#mastoart #wimmelbild #doodle #lineart

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friendly reminder, dass das markup tool vom iphone nicht geeignet ist um sensible informationen zu schwärzen, da fast immer genug übrig bleibt um den text wieder lesbar zu machen

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Quick #Copywriting tip for software devs:

Most of the time when devs write up their "sales" pages they put a list of features.

This is extremely common but there's a better way:

List the benefits of the features.


"End to end encrypted" is a feature.

"Your communications are secure -- not even the developers can read your messages!" is a benefit.

Reply with some of your software's features and I'll do my best to write them into benefits for you :)

(I normally charge a lot for this service)

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Today's threads (a thread)

Inside: Kickstarting the "Chokepoint Capitalism" audiobook; and more!

Archived at:



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YES! I'm SO EXCITED to say that the Spritely Institute (of which I'm CTO) just got a substantial amount of multi-year funding from the Filecoin Foundation for the Decentralized Web!

We also just put this lovely blogpost giving a tour of the Spritely Institute's technology!

This is really huge! I'll expand more on what it means below in this thread!

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i dont even believe anyone can be 'cognitively abled' anymore. healthy normative people are just living a funny little lie (capitalism) where they do as they are told

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Defcon, covid 

Hey, everyone who went to defcon, I know it as lovely to meet people face to face, but I have an important assignment for you!

Keep close track on how many people (I guess of the ones you know, but you can pool your data probably) came home with covid from it.

Extra bonus points if you count the numbers of anyone who catches long covid too.

I feel like it's valuable if we actually start building up data like this, so people can make decisions about if it's safe or not.

Ty for your participating, feel free to take a cookie.

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So in case you’re wondering (like I was) why @gitea is not hosted on Gitea but still at GitHub, it’s apparently because they’re locked in by GitHub who are drip feeding them their data with extremely low rate limits.

This is an outrage.

A trillion-dollar company (Microsoft) is holding a free and open source competitor’s repository hostage on their systems.

Who do we pressure at GitHub to provide Gitea with all their data ASAP?


#GitHubGate #Gitea #dataPortability #lockIn

USA politics, subtoot 

The USA Democratic Party is funded by the the same interests as the Republican Party and hence has the same aims, pursued in different ways.

If I see one more article from someone smart enough to know better about how the Dems should do this or that for regular people, I am going to lose my gotdamn mind.

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@rysiek Dear God. What does this even mean. My brain rebels every time I try to parse it

Hear me out wut if we staggered the wang chung so that maximum N% wang chung on any given nite

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tech help needed (macos port forwarding) 

I must share my macos monterey's internet connection (via wifi = en1) to a computer connected directly to the mac's ethernet port (en0). I've put internet sharing on and the other computer gets an ip and i can ssh there so i know it works.

Now I need port forwarding. I've understood that I need to tweak /etc/pf.conf. I found the following advice:

nat on en1 from en0:network to any -> (en1)

but it doesn't work.

What should I put in pf.conf?

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@gitea Right, so basically GitHub is holding you hostage.

This is a scandal.

A trillion-dollar company holding an open source project hostage by drip feeding it its data… *smh*

How long has your migration been in process? Were you able to contact GitHub? Did anyone reply?

Time to get some eyeballs on this as it’s entirely unacceptable.

#GitHubGate #Gitea #GitHub #dataPortability #lockIn #foss #git

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