Did a motherboard swap today, noticed a couple of things that seemed odd on the old motherboard.


First things first, the CPU power connector. I've seen stuff like this before, but not on a motherboard. Guess they decided to only go with 4pin even though the design allowedthe 8 pin power?


Second off, we have another power input.


I've never seen this *on* a motherboard before. No idea what it's for. Wasn't even plugged in whe n I did the motherboard swap.

So, yeah.

(Should I be putting this kind-of stuff under a CW? Still new to this.)

@kitlith Generally you would us a CW to hide something that might offend, trigger, whatever. So, if you wanted to toot something about US politics... you would put "US politics" in the CW (which everyone sees) and the bulk of the toot in the masked area. This gives people the opportunity to choose to read it, instead of just seeing it. It is also good for hiding the punchline of jokes. Does that help?

@fuzzface (and @ambv )
Yeah, that makes sense. Mainly ask because one of the people I follow seems to be using CW a lot -- their guideline seems to be "if I started only tooting this content, would people not like it..." applied to stuff like server performance graphs, whatever they've been working on a lot recently that isn't their normal content, etc.

@fuzzface @ambv
They *are* on another (more general?) instance, so that might have something to do with it.


@kitlith @fuzzface Maybe. Clicking through content warnings for things that aren't sensitive is a UX hurdle and if you abuse this feature, that in itself will be frustrating for your followers.

@kitlith @ambv I tend to agree. Hopefully the usage will settle down, and/or the warnings improve the decision making process. Frankly, it is impossible to come up with a good guideline for this, all you can do is trust your gut. And I suppose have a thick skin for folks jumping on you occasionally. I think this is why I'm a geek, and not a psychiatrist.

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