Did a motherboard swap today, noticed a couple of things that seemed odd on the old motherboard.


First things first, the CPU power connector. I've seen stuff like this before, but not on a motherboard. Guess they decided to only go with 4pin even though the design allowedthe 8 pin power?


Second off, we have another power input.


I've never seen this *on* a motherboard before. No idea what it's for. Wasn't even plugged in whe n I did the motherboard swap.

So, yeah.

(Should I be putting this kind-of stuff under a CW? Still new to this.)


@kitlith No, CW shouldn't be abused for topic segregation. Use it for things that could get you in trouble (NSFW, politics, profanity, this sort of thing).

You COULD use it for things that are WAY off topic for this instance but don't overthink it. We are humans and we have interests beyond technology.

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