It's a little embarrassing to admit but I quite dig the new Marylin Manson record.

The connector is standard so I guess it's some audio device? 😈

Most days on the Every-Other-Day form of intermittent fasting are easy. This one isn't. My body is very upset about me not eating. I can't focus on anything else, even though tomorrow's Eat Day.

Don't send food, please. But any other form of support appreciated.

OK, so here's the deal. 's new album is a step up from 10,000 Days and yet still a step down from Lateralus.

There's wonderful stuff in there. My three favorites are Descending, 7empest and Chocolate Chip Trip.

Fear Inoculum, Pneuma and Invincible are good, just too slow. In fact, I spent the last hour fiddling with Audacity and decided that if you sped up Invincible by 14% - 24% (depending on the movement) then it would easily become a fan favorite. It's a great song, just too slow.

Last week I picked up the book "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain".

I'm still a total newbie at this but honestly after 67 pages it already changed how I draw and exceeded my expectations completely.

Ooh. I patched my Spectravox to be a third oscillator (kind of a sub-osc) to a pair of Mother 32s...

The result is PROMISING!

First impressions of Tool's "Fear Inoculum":

Intriguing lyrics, fresh and powerful. Musically no bang, sounds somewhat cagy. Starts great but then there's no climax. It's surprisingly quiet, well mannered.

That's naturally deliberate for the first single. "Long overdue", "a long time coming", as the lyrics themselves say. A nice double entendre, that.

I imagine the song's role on the album is somewhat like "The Patient". It's a harbinger of things to come. I just wish it were a bit louder!

Look, here's a video of my keynote from this year's PyLondinium called "Python 2020":

It's quite personal and there's plenty of controversy within but hopefully constructive. Mark Shannon already told me I'm wrong so there's that :-)

Oh, looks like there is a "Show thread" link. This is pretty good then. I can do Ulysses-style streams of consciousness now like there's no tomorrow. Success!

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Well no, there is no way to add to a thread in one go while writing your initial toot.

Sure, I can just reply to the first thing as I'm doing right now. That works well enough, even if you can see the thread being created in real time, which might sometimes break flow when people are reading right away.

But the real question is: can I read the thread sensibly once such a construct is visible in my feed? That's the next test.

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Does Mastodon support "threads" like birdsite? Let's find out.

Hey @deshipu, do you know anybody from MicroPython and/or CircuitPython? I'd like to invite them to

The best thing about 's now-discovered "Code of Conduct" is how so many commenters mistake actual radical religiosity for sarcasm and trolling. For once I look at the comments on the Internet and think "the kids are alright, we will be fine".

This is going to sound very dorky but I love solo shakuhachi music as background for deep work. Nevermind the Fuke Zen connection or whether it makes you feel like the hero in a samurai movie. The point is: it actually works for focus, doesn't distract me and is just aesthetically pleasing.

I recommend starting with "Shakuhachi Water Meditations" by Riley Lee (first non-Japanese person to become a shakuhachi master).

Looking for for deep focus? Struggling with maintaining the zone due to external noise, or maybe the music of your choice is too distracting?

Go for Kangding Ray's 2006 album "stabil". It's not just good, it's good enough.

Gentle glitch, repeatable enough to enforce focus, variable enough not to be boring. Just maybe skip the title song if you're sensitive to high frequencies.

"After a ridiculous amount of work I can confidently say that I’ve sort of half-solved it."

This is a very interesting take by John Carmack where he explains preference for long functions with limited branching:

Moving between countries creates permanent longing for the unique things each of those places brought.

Some of it is just melancholy induced by awareness of the passage of time. Some of it is the realization which parts of your life you're effectively giving up by moving.

I'm flying to Seattle. I will be sprinting on 3.8 for a week with some of my best friends and mentors.

Microsoft is hosting and sponsoring, the Python Software Foundation is sponsoring, and Facebook is paying for my presence there, all-inclusive, no questions asked. Thanks! ✨ 🍰 ✨

10 years back I would not believe any of this.


(hey, I could use a content warning for shouting but that defeats the purpose of the toot which is humor. fight me)

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