What is wakatime.com (the time manager for coders)?

I really suck at managing my but there is come ⏲️. The time manager for coders. It can be integrated with many IDE's but I use it with :vim: my editor of choice. It tracks how much time you spend in πŸ’». It also sends me about my πŸ“†. The and and really help me to how much time I spending every πŸ†’.

daily bunny, no ec 

Bad Lyrics, Motivational Posters (Vulgar) 

The πŸ’» are always thought to be unhealthy 🧟. Today most people are trying to be more πŸ’ͺ and πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’Ό. Don't get me wrong but you can see today programmers are more πŸ₯— conscious then past generations ones. But the image of the programmers working β˜€οΈ and πŸŒ• is there, especially in πŸ§’. But we have to change that.

To it go here πŸ‘‡ ⬇️

I used to think of myself as a Full Stack Developer until I took a job as a Frontend Developer 5 years ago.

I highly recommend that developers learn each role seperately before becoming generalists.

Special thanks to @tkldk for hijacking me from my backend interview.

My feeling about has really changed since I was a child. Then, I was afraid of them, now I think they are a fantastic example of natural engineering. So cool

will show you all the that the 🌐 is collecting. Like your , and its version, , and many more thing that you also don't know can be tracked. First, you the site it will tell you can you be tracked (Most probably you can be tracked). It is also :opensource: github.com/EFForg/panopticlick


Facebook has just bought giphy.com for $400m.

A website which hosts free gifs. Valued at four-hundred million dollars. And the majority of those gifs come from media created by costumers/writers/mic operators/camera techs etc. who don't see the value they create normally, let alone in hyper-inflated purchases like this.

How does this make any sense? It doesn't.

So I just remove it. But then after I saw some :youtube: videos, so I got an idea of what is . Then I started using it. First I open it by entering vim in the :terminal: , Second I didn't know how to close it, Third so just close the terminal. It took me weeks to start learning it. After 2-3 weeks so I got comfortable with. I have tried to use Emacs but it is and Vim is terminal based and I wanted to be more in the terminal as possible.

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The most important thing that every needs are a editor and if you didn't have used vim maybe you have heard that :vim: and :emacs: are the most advanced Text Editor in the market. Every other text editor is trying to duplicate these two. When I switch to :debian: I didn't know about vim that ⏲️ but it is pre-installed in my system, so when fist opens it looks like just another :terminal: .

Today I learned there are emojis for genitals but it is in the context of Egyptian hieroglyphics:

π“‚‘ π“‚’ π“‚Ή π“‚Ί

Unicode consortium is too prudish to actually have emojis for other human body parts I guess.

Tempo, a mood tracking/diary app 

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