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My daughter has been reading short storybooks since she was 5. She likes to read – she would find a comfortable corner for herself and start reading her books. I was a bit cautious introducing her to a full-length novel, though. I didn’t want to dampen her interest in reading by the usu...

Who is Ghost targeted at? Why is everything around this service so pricey? I understand that it provides the self-hosted option - but that ain’t cheap either. When all such services charge anywhere bewteen $5-$10, why are most options for Ghost around $20? What’s so premium?

I’ve removed all the custom fonts, something that I’ve been extremely picky about, from my site now. This has drastically improved the load times across the pages, at times loading within a second. Sure it does lose the personality, but I’m ecstatic with the benefits.

Wow, there has been a deluge of Hello messages written to the “world” today. The world must be feeling overwhelmed, wondering what ruffled us earthlings today 😬

Me, Reading →

No! How can this be?! I’ve read only fifty-two per cent of this damn book?

No! How can this be?! That’s exactly me, reading.

Is there a threshold of word count that when hit, and only then, an essay or a book will be considered notable? Or what is communicated be taken seriously? If not, why do I see authors unnecessary lengthening the prose?

Come to the point, make it with conviction and sign off.

Just a few pages in and I was excited to read Factfullness by Hans Rosling. Give the times we are living in today, whoever claims that “the world, for all its imperfections, is in a much better state than we might think” has my attention.

March is yet to begin and the Summer’s already here. The room coolers are out. The earthen pots that store the water are out. And watermelon is in the home! AC, fridge and icecreams don’t bring the same joy to me.

Anyway it’s close to 🍉’o clock 😁

I finished reading Endless Night by Agatha Christie and am not at all impressed. This review might contain spoilers, but I can’t help I have to rant.

Nah, I am not letting the ending influence the overall rating for the book again. It is easy to get wowed by the intelligent ending and ...

Why is it that it's only the Mac, iPhone, or iPad apps that work well with the Indieweb principles? Say, for example, integrating well through a micropub endpoint? Are all Indieweb app developers in the Apple ecosystem?

I don't like GitHub's dark theme - it's painful to my eyes. There's too much contrast between the dark background and the lighter fonts. It's not simply about going white on black - getting the balance of shades right is not a trivial thing.

Sometimes I get afraid of tapping that YouTube app. It just drains too much of my time - even with all my efforts to make the service a lot less addictive. I fear this service even more than any social media app out there. I know I will start with something interesting, but will even...

I only recently came across this wonderful Netflix show Manhunt: Unabomber. Boy, it was brilliant - No idea how it missed my radar. Such a thrilling story narrated in an engrossing manner. Masterful, intelligent and affecting.

Dropbox can also store your passwords now with their password manager - and it’s built into their Plus and Professional plans. This could be a good option for those affected by the LastPass change to their Free plan.

Not for me though - am not (yet) a paying Dropbox customer. I don’t k...

For all the non-iOS users, what’s the Android phone that you currently use or are planning to upgrade to?

(That question also brings a sad reality of duopoly that the exists today.)

For all the non-iOS users, what’s the Android phone that you currently use or are planning to upgrade to?

(That question also brings a sad reality of duopoly that the exists today.)

Of course, there had to be a term decision fatigue - “the emotional and mental strain resulting from a burden of choices”. It has to be the king of all fatigues. It leaves you paralyzed. What’s worse is you still go through your motions as if everything’s normal. Pathetic!

If Apple wishes to continue selling iPhone XR, I hope it refreshes the internals along with SE. I can no longer go back to such a small screen (am not talking about the body size). But an XR with the internals of SE would really interest me.

In bind, we all are. Of routine. Of strange. Of situation. Of schedule. Of life. Yet we trudge along, our adaptability, our perseverance to break the shackles defines us humans.

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