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This discussion on Stack Exchange proves again that the majority, including me, understands so little of the relativity theory. Easy to think it’s easy. It ain’t.

So at what speed I should travel to make my 24 hours day equals 36 hours?

It was a couple of years ago when I had ranted about how the alternatives to the popular social networks are not seriously considered. A discussion something on these lines.

What all alternatives have you tried? Were there none that were good? If so, why? What is missing? How can they...

I love my laptop a lot more than my smartphone and my tablet. I’m more comfortable with the trackpad and the keyboard than a touchscreen. I can focus more with a lot more windows in front of me than say one full-screen app. This list goes on and on. What “Gen” am I?

Substack’s not scaming, but for sure it’s being dishonest - not by giving special treatment to a select few writers. Rather they are doing so by promising what’s hard to achieve - making writing online, irrespective of the form, lucrative.

I absolutely love the Daily Mixes that Spotify serves. Every new song or album or artist that it recommends is spot-on. Each time I need something to calm myself, I put on a Daily Mix. What’s more? There’s usually a mix for every mood. Two big thumbs up! 👍🏼👍🏼

Does getting the vaccine lend one liberty to return to normalcy? From what I've read, the recommendation is still to maintain patience. And caution. Sure, it gets safer as more people in the community get vaccinated. But starting to roam around getting rid of the masks and shaking ha...

The 2021 Oscar Nominations, and What Should Have Made the List →

It seemed obvious that the absence of many big-budget movies this past year would clear the way for smaller films to earn nominations, and that turned out to be true.

I know of so few from this year’s list.

The first “promise” Ghost 4.0 makes is “Turn your audience into a business.”. The first “feature” that it calls out is the dashboard “with detailed stats on audience engagement and business growth”. The answer to my question is clearly not for a blogger like me.

Meta Alert: Btw, the yesterday’s MailChimp experiment for email digest was a failure. The campaign (🙄) is live, it should send the email. It does not. Sigh, a problem that looks so simple isn’t. I don’t want to build a custom solution for such a seemingly trivial problem.

I am usually good at keeping the thoughts from my work away from what I publish at my website. I guess that last post was an unintended and a rare slip.

For that matter, I just don’t like the distinction work vs life. Work forms a significant part of one’s life. So what balance are we ...

When do you consider it a productive day? When you achieve a lot from the backlog, but not much from the list of tasks planned for the day? Or when you achive just that one task at the top of planned list? Many might say the later, but the former is not bad either.

Another day when I think about all the meta stuff around my blog and how I swing between complete control over the setup and no control at all. Another day when I admire the folks who have custom-made solutions for each part. That level of dedication’s not trivial.

MailChimp seems to have a good RSS-to-Email option – this should work for the simple need that I have. Sure, the whole campaign building experience makes me a bit queasy, but not going to let it worry me. Time for trial.

I’m warming up to the idea of providing a daily/weekly digest of my posts to be delivered via email. I don’t want to undertake a huge project. I would prefer free options till I get comfortable. It should be a simple solution - RSS + email delivery, someway - right?

I love my breakfasts a lot more than any other meals in the day. I can bear a delayed lunch or a skipped dinner - but don’t you dare alter my breakfast routine.

Stoop has to be one of the very apps that works far better on Android than on iOS. The later lags, stutters, doesn’t register taps and swipes often. The former also does all this, but comparatively less.

What’s the first thing that pops into your mind when you hear the word “India”? What’s the second thing? And if you search for the stock images with the word, do the results reflect your thoughts? For many that I know of, the answer is always in negative.

I cringe when someone uses the phrase “normal people” while describing a section of a service’s users. Is that the best usage of the phrase? What does it make me, one who doesn’t use the service in the “normal” way? Abnormal? Why would you call your user that?

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