I do not fathom the recent craze for folding devices. Basically, we were tired earlier of the thick phones - so we all rushed behind thinness. And the devices became larger. Now we want smaller ones, the thickness is fine again? I can never fully understand us.

@am1t I imagine this is a lot like the corporate push for 3D TVs. There wasn't any real consumer demand for them... Corporate executives thought it was cool tech so of course they mass produced it. I get the same vibe from all this foldable tech. No one I know wants it and it all looks way too fragile for normal usage.

@slapula Exactly. At least in the current form when you have to introduce creases and bends in the screens and mechanisms to support and overcome them at the same time.

I guess there would be a time when the screens could be folded and made smaller for carrying around easily. Or possibly there would be no need for any form of physical screen at all? Now that I feel I would be interested in.

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