I wonder what has caused a sudden surge of Bluetooth earbuds being made available in the market. I see almost every player - big and small - launching one of its own. Sure, Airpod's a success. But it wasn't the first one. Is it the lack of 3.5mm jack? And so was Apple right?

@am1t Apple was "right" only because they eliminated the choice they didn't like.

I still haven't found a good pair of Bluetooth headphones (well, not non-industrial ones, anyway). The typical trashy earbuds never stay in my ears, and Bluetooth ones mostly just added Bluetooth and did nothing else, so those are right out.

@yakkoj Sure, I understand. I am at the same point. But undoubtedly am seeing a lot many Bluetooth earbuds being launched. Across the price and quality range.

May be the Bluetooth music needed that push to start exploring and "innovating" more.

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