A couple of my colleagues have been debating on since how long the dinosaurs have been extinct -- one claims it was 200 years. Another says 2000 years. And am wondering who should I correct first? Or should I even correct anyone? Because I think it is completely meaningless.

@am1t I wouldn't say it's meaningless, but I tend to side with you in that there are far more important things to debate and worry about.

Shocked there wasn't a buddy pushing the many, many millions of years side of things. The most prevalent worldview these days, I would think.

And, much less common, but I've heard folks push the position ... minutes. As in, they're still with us, in the unexplored regions of the jungles and depths of the seas.

Note, I didn't mention my view. :)

@groundh0g I completely agree. Even I was surprised no one butted in with more inputs. Minutes ... that's new to me!

And even I did not mention my view :)

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