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Remember when writing profiles about yourself was a cool thing to do? I did one a decade ago for graduating class in school and answered the field "What are you going to do next?" with "Web design or IT security I guess", but didn't expect both wishes to be granted...

In other words, I'm a Cyber Security Consultant now. This may or may not mean more #infosec content on here. Stay tuned!

From birdsite 

Chef des Dax-Konzerns Munich Re (größter Rückversicherer der Welt) fordert eine CO2-Steuer (€100/t), die mehr als doppelt so hoch als die Forderung im neuesten Klimaschutz-Programm der Grünen (€40/t). What a time to be alive.

@rain Go is fine except that it's a statically-compiled Java from Google, every part of that is evil.

Rust's memory rules are weird and I hate the Rust Evangelism Task Force, so I won't learn more out of spite. They're like binary-programming Mormons.


“The books will stop working.” What a horrifying sentence. For years people like warned us about DRM & risk of ending the right of individuals to own private property. Well, here we are! Microsoft’s ebooks store will shutdown and take all their DRM books with them!


CO2 Steuer! #klimagerechtigkeit #Scientists4Future #Friday4Future


Spannende Infografik aus dem #MorningBriefing von Die reichsten 10 Prozent sind weltweit für knapp die Hälfte aller CO2-Emissionen verantwortlich. Die unteren 50 Prozent hingegen nur für ein Zehntel... #Klimagerechtigkeit


Elon Musk says "anarcho-syndicalism FTW" while blacklisting and firing a bunch of employees trying to unionize. :thonk: :thonk: :thonk:

#linux #rant #angryfruits #angryfruitsalad 

Word on the street has it, that @mwlucas is working on "GNU ls and dircolors Mastery".

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#linux #rant #angryfruits #angryfruitsalad 

So I added the following to my ".bashrc"
alias ls="ls --color=never"
and enjoyed the visual calm.

Similar actions were called for to disable colored output for "grep" and "vi".

I will never complain again about and usbd_free_xfer messages.

:joylmfao: :joylmfao: :joylmfao:

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#linux #rant #angryfruits #angryfruitsalad 

So I had to use Linux (OK, GNU/Linux) today. I innocently typed "ls" at the bash prompt and was immediately attacked by what can only be described as an angry fruit salad on steroids.

Daunted by the lack of man pages, I sought refuge in the wisdom of the World Wide Web. Apparently the output of the ls program is controlled by an environment variable "LS_COLORS". Its format is so arcane, that there is a dedicated "dircolors" command to manipulate it.

RT @saoi4climate
I don’t have words to express the anger I feel watching our politicians talking about how climate action can be manipulated for economic gain. We don’t have time to take a leisurely stroll to net zero emissions when people in the global south are already suffering.

Why can't USB IEEE 802.11 networking just work under ?

Dreaded error message:

usbd_free_xfer: xfer=0xfffffd822fdf440f8 not free

After that, USB ceases to work and only a reboot will help.

700 words on a brand new #prohibitionOrcs tale, 1200 words on #sudomastery, and reams of sudo source code read in an effort to understand WTFery. :flan_writing::flan_writing::flan_confused::flan_writing::flan_confused::flan_confused::flan_confused::flan_confused::flan_confused::flan_molotov:

Amazon Allemagne utilisait des néo-nazi comme gardes pour que les travailleurs réfugiés se tiennent tranquille.

Si vous achetez encore chez Amazon, c’est la honte absolue.

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