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with keyboard cover running Manjaro ARM Plasma Mobile (not ). Shown: OpenSmalltalk VM with .

In the background: Untidy living room table.

/CC: @PINE64


An undisclosed person in remote Siberia has successfully compiled and run a Rust program without telling anyone about it!!!

This shocking fact came to light after hithero unaffiliated hacking gang APT666 gained access to and later published system logs.

Rust language community team lead Ashley Williams responded: "While not illegal per se, it is highly unusual and certainly anti-social behaviour".


Should I order a Pinephone Pro? I had both a Pinebook and a Pinebook Pro, and the Pro never worked for me. I am quite convinced that the chipset hates me.

Of corpse I'm not at all superstitious. 🤞🤞.

Boom! jsg@ has updated the drm graphics drivers (inteldrm/radeondrm/amdgpu) in #OpenBSD -current to Linux 5.15.14, from 5.10.y/5.10.90.

Commit msg:

"Thanks to the OpenBSD Foundation for sponsoring this workmniklas@ for helping with ttm and amdgpu and patrick@ for adapting rockchip drm."


HN is surprised to learn that the git:// protocol is neither authenticated nor encrypted.

HN says setting up SSH keys is too difficult, but that it could be done by running the openssl command.

HN correctly discovers that github requires SSH keys to be uploaded to an account before ssh:// can be used.
HN does not know about how anoncvs servers from the 90s work without requiring anyone to upload SSH keys, making this strictly github's fault, not a built-in fault of ssh.

Liebes Fediverse,

wir wurden gefragt, ob wir jemanden kennen, um einen Einführungsvortrag zu #markdown anzubieten. Kann gerne vor Ort oder auch remote angeboten werden 😃

Würde mich sehr über Rückmeldungen freuen - gerne #boosten


Where could I possibly buy a or equivalent? One that works with ?

Thanks in advance!


Thanks for the tic80 port. However invoking tic80 without arguments leads to an X server segfault.
Explicitly loading a game cart works, i.e. "tic80 fps80.tic". Hardware is a Lenovo X220 with Intel graphics, no explicit configuration. OS is OpenBSD (amd64) 7.0-stable.

[ 25662.206] (EE) Segmentation fault at address 0x0
[ 25662.206] (EE)
Fatal server error:
[ 25662.206] (EE) Caught signal 11 (Segmentation fault). Server aborting
[ 25662.206] (EE)
[ 25662.206] (EE)


"The joke goes, "Stop saying you were promised flying cars. Unless you were born in 1935, you weren't promised flying cars, you were promised a cyberpunk corporate dystopia. You're welcome."

"Or, in the immortal words of Blank Reg, "You know how we said 'No Future'? Well. This is it."

Note: Crypto-apologists will be blocked. Life's too short for your whining apologies. You're cooking the planet and remaking it in your own image. Fuck off.

@ckeen @bcallah @stsp @solene

So I have to disable inteldrm and use the EFI framebuffer and wsfb. But graphics performance is so absymal that everything but editing text in an xterm isn't feasible.

Where could I possibly ask for help, possibly avoiding being roasted at high temperatures?

Many thanks in advance.


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Hi people!

I am trying to repurpose on of my handheld amd64 computers (GPD MicroPC, GPD Win 1, GPD Pocket 1) to tic-80 retro game programming.

However there is a problem with inteldrm that prevents me from using the Xorg "intel" driver on all these computers.
@ckeen @bcallah @stsp @solene


das zweite bild im wikipedia-artikel zu "Rohkost" ist "Hermann Göring probiert einen Brotaufstrich aus Rohkost auf der Berliner Grünen Woche (1937)" und das sagt eigentlich schon alles aus über rohkost


Ich brauche eure Hilfe:
Ich suche eine Buchreihe zum Suchten. Gerne spannend, darf auch Fantasy sein.
Geliebt habe ich zb: Die Flüsse von London, Edelstein-Trilogie, Tintenherz-Reihe, Harry Potter, aber auch die Bücher von Karin Slaughter und Kathy Reichs.
Tipps? Vorschläge?


I'm looking for a pixel-font for Arabic letters, something in the 14-16 pixel height range. I need each letter form(prefix, afix, sufix, alone) if anyone has such a thing, please send it my way!

A font about that size

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