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Enjoying my second cup of #coffee right now, but still no breakfast. I think my body is still quite satisfied with all of the sushi from last night. 😅

Currently #listening to #BSDNow where they interview @solene. Really enjoying the interview. 👍 #RunBSD

#rc3 Sightseeing tour!

Post your beautiful findings and world links in this thread! Where are nice places in the world?

But we have the streaming link to the opening ceremony, yes we have!

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Wer keine #FFP2 hat und sich nicht jeden Tag eine neue leisten kann, sollte sich melden.
Ich habe mehr als genug.
Gerne RT.


Warning: Have experienced numerical instability with the Math/MathL modules that I haven't seen with OBNC.

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I have now received a response from the author.
To fix the crash:
* cp ObxIDE ~/bin
* cd ~/bin
* mkdir mono; cd mono
* ln -s /usr/local/bin/mono-sgen ./mono
* ln -s /usr/local/lib/mono/4.8-api/mscorlib.dll ./mscorlib.dll

Now the IDE works as advertised.

Edit: (must be mono-sgen, not mono)

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Editing code works (I only tried a simple "hello, world" module). Attempting to compile or run results in a core dump. Exporting to IL and C works, with these caveats:
* I can compile the C code by following the instructions in build.txt and substituting gcc with clang and adding compiler flags.
* For IL, the build directory contains and These contain references to "./ilasm" and "./mono". Replacing these by "ilasm" and "mono" makes these scripts work.

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Found a nice Oberon IDE at:

There are till some problems compiling code, see below.

I have built the IDE under OpenBSD 7.0 (amd64 and arm64 platforms).
* Download packages and populate build directory as per
* Install Qt5 and Mono: "pkg_add -v mono qt5"
* Go to "Oberon" directory: Execute "qmake-qt5"
* (arm64 platform only) edit Makefile to add "-fsigned-char" to C and C++ compiler flags
* Execute "gmake CC=clang CXX=clang++"

(1/2, tbc)

Is there a reason I shouldn't stay in bed until the Ides of March???

I imported in #openbsd

It's a good audiobook player and we had none anyway.

Of course, playing audio files with a music player work, but they doesn't keep track of playing "per book", easy playback speed control or sleep timer, automatic rewind a few seconds earlier when resuming play.

#Cozy just works fine.

Should I attempt to buy a ticket for ?

/CC @events

today i learned that Bob Cratchit's wages of 15 shillings a week, portrayed as poverty wages in A Christmas Carol, is the equivalent today of £40,000

i am earning less than Bob Cratchit

domain expert (n.)

The worst insult and utmost expression of contempt a computer scientist is capable of. Usually applied to such lowly subhuman professions as electrical engineers, mathematicians, historians and philisophers.

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