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business logic (n.)

The art of adding two small integers, noisily and with much ado.

job ad, germany, :boost_ok: 

The company I work in has several openings right now, and it needs some of you all.

Basically if you're a software engineer with some understanding of Node.js, microservices and clean code, your chances are very high.
Or if you never heard of Node.js or microservices or clean code, but have a good understanding of information security, your chances are very high.

The office is in Berlin, but during the pandemic all work is 100% remote. (After the pandemic is over, they are supposed to let you work remotely up to 50% of the time, but you'll also need to visit office from time to time, and it's in Berlin center.)
The company is international, the Berlin team is international, all the communication is done in English. You don't need to know any German, and reasonable level of English is enough.

They are really welcoming, the salary is above average, and there are some nice additional benefits.

Unfortunately, I cannot tell you anything else in the public post, but there is so much more.
If you're interested, slide into my DMs, even if you think that you might be underqualified. I'll gladly tell you all the tiniest details.

Möge deshalb die deutsche Frauenwelt beherzigen, daß das Theetrinken sich immer mehr einführt als ein schönes Sommergetränk.

Um junge Menschen vor rechter Ideologie zu schützen, müssen Idole solidarischen Protest vorleben. Enissa Amani tut das, verpasst aber eine Chance.
Solidarität mit Enissa Amani: Der öffentliche Kampf


Hallo Brettspielbubble, ich miste meinen Schrank aus und trenne mich von ein paar Spielen. Jemand Interesse an irgendwas davon? Spiele sind alle in gutem Zustand. Schreibt mir einfach ne PN.

Gerne RT.



I feel left alone by German politics. Since February 2020 I wear masks, got vaccinated as early as possible, stayed at home, reduced my social contacts - all to now experience another wave, driven by antivaxxers and other idiots that could ignore everything without repercussions.


I can't install renpy under the shiny, new 7.0. Am I at fault or is my system b0rked?

Script started on Thu Oct 14 21:58:57 2021
alex-surfacego# pkg_add -v renpy
|No need to update quirks-4.54. Can't install zenity-3.32.0p0 because of libraries
|library harfbuzz.15.7 not found
| /usr/local/lib/ (harfbuzz-3.0.0): bad major
[7.0e23 dependencies omitted ...]
Can't install renpy-7.3.5: can't resolve zenity-3.32.0p0
Couldn't install renpy-7.3.5 zenity-3.32.0p0

uspol, loss of empathy, extreme callousness 

Facebook services were interrupted for seven hours and I didn't notice.

It's federal election time in Germany. We demonstrate the superiority of our "Leitkultur". We don't need computers to screw up, we do it on our own!

Now I know why I don't use Linux.

But I learned that there is an RFC for something called "JSON" and even an ISO standard.

Starting an OpenBSD Webzine!

Format is likely to be PDF and maybe also available as HTML (maybe PDF to PNG anyone??)

Target is: only 1 page, gather stuff to create next issue and release when no room available for more. No weekly/monthly schedule.

Here is a raw prototype, what do you think of it? (content is quite garbage to simulate something likely to happen but not currently true/accurate)

Freitag ist #Klimastreik und irgendwie ist alles andere wichtiger in meinem Umfeld :-(

Ich geh aber hin.

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