@alexshendi1 Gorgoeus! I always wanted to run a minimalist Scheme on a #Psion 5MX. Need to investigate - it should be possible.


The source code (by Moriwaki, Kida and Nils M. Holm) is at:

IMHO well suited to small memory machines.

@alexshendi1 Thanks! I'll have a look at it. Shouldn't be hard to compile for that architecture.

@alexshendi1 I have a 95LX (and a 200LX) - where can I get that EXE?


I will put up a zip archive archive (probably on GDrive). Stay tuned!


The original source code (by Moriwaki, Kida and Nils M. Holm) is at:
I have made the following trivial changes:
* Change line endings to CRLF
* MINISCM.C, line 26 change " INTERNAL_INIT" to " INTERNAL_INIT"
* MINISCM.C, line 31 change " STR_SEGSIZE 2048" to " STR_SEGSIZE 4096"
* New file BUILD.BAT to compile with Turbo C 2.0



* MSCM_S.EXE (small memory model)
* MSCM_L.EXE (large memory model)

Copy MINISCM.SCM and one or both of the executables to the same directory.

The archive with all files on Google Drive:

Hope this helps.

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