with keyboard cover running Manjaro ARM Plasma Mobile (not ). Shown: OpenSmalltalk VM with .

In the background: Untidy living room table.

/CC: @PINE64

@CodingItWrong @PINE64

You will probably want an USB mouse to use smalltalk seriously though :)

@drgeo @alexshendi1 @PINE64 Works nicely with the builtin display. Did not test it with an external monitor.

@drgeo @PINE64

It seemed responsive enough, but I didn't test it with largish applications. I would recommend a keyboard and an USB mouse in any case.

I suppose a Pinephone Pro would be better.

@alexshendi1 @PINE64

Cool, this is certainly doable. I connected mine to a 55” TV with keyboard and mouse. It works, but for the slow processing and high heat. Certainly aspirational!

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