Hi people!

I am trying to repurpose on of my handheld amd64 computers (GPD MicroPC, GPD Win 1, GPD Pocket 1) to tic-80 retro game programming.

However there is a problem with inteldrm that prevents me from using the Xorg "intel" driver on all these computers.
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Back in the 6.2 days I had to disable inteldrm, as of 6.5 it worked out of the box. But every device is a little different. And I haven't checked for a while.


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I have just checked:
* 6.8: same behaviour as 7.0 (dark screen)
* 6.7: sort of works, I get a text console and can log in, but scary DRM related error messages. X.org doesn't work out of the box (via startx).

Hmm.... 🤔

@alexshendi1 @ckeen @bcallah @stsp @solene startx was 'disabled' a few releases back, try rcctl start xenodm

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