Hi people!

I am trying to repurpose on of my handheld amd64 computers (GPD MicroPC, GPD Win 1, GPD Pocket 1) to tic-80 retro game programming.

However there is a problem with inteldrm that prevents me from using the Xorg "intel" driver on all these computers.
@ckeen @bcallah @stsp @solene


@ckeen @bcallah @stsp @solene

So I have to disable inteldrm and use the EFI framebuffer and wsfb. But graphics performance is so absymal that everything but editing text in an xterm isn't feasible.

Where could I possibly ask for help, possibly avoiding being roasted at high temperatures?

Many thanks in advance.


@alexshendi1 @ckeen @bcallah @solene Does the modesetting driver not work? AFAIK most Intel video chipsets use the modesetting driver nowadays.


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To be frank, I don't know what the modesetting driver is, nor how I should use it.

AFAIK inteldrm is in the GENERIC kernel and unless it is disabled:
* On the GPD MicroPC I end up in the kernel debugger, which refuses to accept input from the keyboard.
* On the GPD Win/GPD Pocket the screen just stays dark.

@alexshendi1 @ckeen @bcallah @solene The "intel" and "modesetting" drivers are Xorg drivers that run in userspace. The "inteldrm" driver is a driver in the kernel which performs some tasks on behalf of the userspace drivers and also sets up the text console screen during boot.

You mentioned the "intel" driver and Xorg config, so I infered you were talking about the Xorg driver.

If your problem is with the "inteldrm" kernel driver then changing Xorg configuration won't fix it.

Some intel video chipsets are known to have issues. e.g. the cherryview line which is often used in small low-power machines.

For inteldrm issues, the best you could do is file a report to bugs@ with all the information you have, and hope that somebody will have the time to take a look at it.

@stsp @ckeen @bcallah @solene

Thanks for the explanation. My problem is indeed with the inteldrm kernel driver. Unless I disable it, I can't even get a text console on these machines.

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