Found a nice Oberon IDE at:

There are till some problems compiling code, see below.

I have built the IDE under OpenBSD 7.0 (amd64 and arm64 platforms).
* Download packages and populate build directory as per
* Install Qt5 and Mono: "pkg_add -v mono qt5"
* Go to "Oberon" directory: Execute "qmake-qt5"
* (arm64 platform only) edit Makefile to add "-fsigned-char" to C and C++ compiler flags
* Execute "gmake CC=clang CXX=clang++"

(1/2, tbc)

Editing code works (I only tried a simple "hello, world" module). Attempting to compile or run results in a core dump. Exporting to IL and C works, with these caveats:
* I can compile the C code by following the instructions in build.txt and substituting gcc with clang and adding compiler flags.
* For IL, the build directory contains and These contain references to "./ilasm" and "./mono". Replacing these by "ilasm" and "mono" makes these scripts work.


I have now received a response from the author.
To fix the crash:
* cp ObxIDE ~/bin
* cd ~/bin
* mkdir mono; cd mono
* ln -s /usr/local/bin/mono-sgen ./mono
* ln -s /usr/local/lib/mono/4.8-api/mscorlib.dll ./mscorlib.dll

Now the IDE works as advertised.

Edit: (must be mono-sgen, not mono)

Warning: Have experienced numerical instability with the Math/MathL modules that I haven't seen with OBNC.

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