Thank you! Will try it out with 7.0 on Pi 400. Without disk encryption though.

/cc @solene

@alexshendi1 @solene No prob! Oh yeah it should be much simpler without the full-disk encryption, too :)

@amatecha @solene

Just tried it out on my Raspi 400. Boots from USB,
but stops during boot at the screen below. After thinking for a while it reboots.

What did I forget?

(boot messages as text follow)

@amatecha @solene

anpintc at simplebuse nirq 256, ncp 4: "interrupt-controller" syscone at simplebus8: "avs-monitor

"thermal" at syscone not configured bcndnac8 at simplebus8: DMAB DMA2 DMA4 DMAS DMAG DHA7 DMAS DMAS

(tbc 1/3)

@amatecha @solene
"timer" at simplebus8 not configured pluarto at simplebus8

"local_inte" at simplebus not configured bcndog at simplebus8

bcnirng8 at simplebus8 "firmuare" at simplebusů not configured

"power" at simplebus@ not configured

(tbc 2/3)

@amatecha @solene

"nailbox" at simplebus? not configured
sdhc8 at simplebus8

sdhc8: SDHC 3.8. 250 MHz base clock

sdrc8 at sdhc8: 4-bit, sd high-speed, mmc high-speed
"gpionen" at simplebus8 not configured

"fb" at sinplebus8 not configured

"vcsn" at simplebus8 not configured "clocks" at nainbus@ not configured

"phy" at nainbus8 not configured "clk-2711" at mainbus8 not configured

"clk-1881" at na inbus8 not configured

@amatecha @solene

sinplebusi at na inbus8: "enmc2bus" sdhc1 at sinplebus1 sdhc1; SDHC 3.8, 188 MHz base clock

sdnnc1 at sdhc1; 8-bit, sd high-speed, ac high-speed, ddle 52 dina

"arn-pnu" at nainbus8 not configured

agtiner8 at noinbus8: 54888 kHz sinplebus2 at noinbus8: "sch"

bcnpcie8 at sinplebus2 pci8 at bcnpcien

(final part 4/3)

@amatecha @solene

Got it working now:

You must fetch the latest release from github.com/pftf/RPi4 . You should the mount the ESP partion of the install usb drive and unpack the contents of the archive to it. You can omit the "firmware" subdirectory. You will have to delete several *.dtb files (those for RPi 2 and 3) to make space.

You can then install as usual (as mentioned in matecha.net/posts/openbsd-on-p ).

(part 1/2)

@amatecha @solene
After the installation process, escape to a shell mount the ESP of the install usb drive (not! the new root disk) and copy its contents to the ESP of the new root drive (should be mounted at /mnt/mnt, i.e. : cp -Rv /mnt2/* /mnt/mnt).
* Can't change keyboard layout during installation. the kbd program isn't even included in the ramdisk.
* Somehow, you still have to remind the RPi 400 to boot from USB by hitting ESC at the boot prompt


@alexshendi1 @solene ahh interesting. so it’s all working now? I did see in OpenBSD matrix channel that there were some differences on the Pi 400. For booting from USB, can you boot from Raspbian and run the raspi-config to change the boot order?

@amatecha @solene

I see that the bse(4) driver should work without loading any firmware. Will check later in the evening.


@amatecha @solene

Update: bse(4) works and doesn't need firmware.
But ifconfig seems to need an extra argument "media 100baseTX".


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