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So I have some additional info:

The system actually runs under FreeDOS 1.3RC2. The system identifies as "Squeak 1.23 of October 4 1997". Which, of course, is Olde.

So I hope to have sated your curiosity.

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@alexshendi @ckeen I've just removed my old account from the mentions.

@alexshendi @ckeen The cover reminds me of a DIY book I used to have long time ago.

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The system is actually very nice. I must find how to enable color graphics. Upto now everything is black and white.

@alexshendi @wasamasa have you got a download link? I'd love to try this in dosbox

@ckeen @wasamasa

I got it from:


It's a 7z-Archive. The layout is a bit confusing. I unpacked the archive, renamed the top level folder to digitalk, then cd'ed into digitalk\smaltalk, ran "install hard EGAcolor ". All under FreeDOS. I then could start v.exe, but got only B&W graphics. Also some classes appear to be missing. I'm not sure if all is correct....

@alexshendi @wasamasa Ah, I get it to run but the mouse does not seem to work... I need to use hercules graphics though to get a nice screen.

Still this is awesome :D

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How does read the Prentical Hall Smalltalk book? I have one the graphic domain and it is pretty good.

@drgeo @ckeen @wasamasa

From a brief look, I like the left one ("Object Oriented Programming with Smalltalk/V") better. Both are rather Smalltalk/V specific, so if you're looking for a book on OO design you might reconsider. IMHO the Tutorial on Ducasse's site is enough to get you started.

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