Hooray!!! Just booted /arm64 9.99.38 on my .


Incredible Joy‼️

@alexshendi Interesting! Is there a list of OS known to work on @PINE64 laptops or were you pioneering? 🙂

@stevefoerster @PINE64

There are the lists in the PINE64 wiki: (Pinebook Pro). Pinebook (Pinebook)

The latter list includes NetBSD and OpenBSD images, whereas the former includes only Linux variants.

AFAIK NetBSD is the only BSD-like OS to support the Pinebook Pro.

I will post a list of instructions on how to install NetBSD/arm64 on the Pinebook Pro in a follow up post.

@stevefoerster @PINE64
Instructions on how to install NetBSD-current on a Pinebook Pro:

1. Fetch Be sure to use the image from the "HEAD/latest" subtree, the images e.g. from the "netbsd-9" subtree won't work.
2. Fetch
3. Decompress arm64.img.gz
4. Extract the *.deb archive from Step 2:
4.1 ar x \ u-boot-rockchip-pinebookpro-2017.09-rockchip-ayufan-1065-g95f6152134.deb

(to be continued)

@stevefoerster @PINE64

4.2 This will extract a file called "data.tar.gz", which you must in turn extract: tar xzvf data.tar.gz.
4.3 This will create a directory hierarchy und "usr" in the current directory.
4.4 You want the file ". /usr/lib/u-boot-pinebookpro/rksd_loader.img". Copy it to a safe place.
The following steps will need to be adjusted for the OS you are currently running. You need to write the image file to an SD card.
(to be continued)

@stevefoerster @PINE64

5. dd if=./arm64.img of=/dev/rsd0c bs=1m conv=sync
6. dd if=./rksd_loader.img of=/dev/rsd0c seek=64 conv=sync
The last step writes the Pinebook Pro specific bootloader to a specific offset to the SD card.
7. Power down the Pinebook Pro that you wish to install NetBSD to. Make double sure it is powered down.
8. Turn the Pinebook Pro upside down and unfasten the ten screws that hold the lower part of the case.

(to be continued)

@stevefoerster @PINE64

8. (continued). Be sure to follow the instructions in the PINE64 wiki:
9. Flip switch 24 as shown in the wiki.
10. Reassemble the laptop.
11. Put the prepared SD card in the SD card slot of the Pinebook Pro.
12. Power the laptop on.
13. Login as root (the initial password is empty). Change it once logged in.
14. man afterboot.
15. Customise you NetBSD install, as suggested in step 14.
16. Enjoy.


@stevefoerster @PINE64

I would like to add that I haven't found all of this by myself, but am greatly indebted to @jmcwhatever

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