I'm wondering about your opinion. If it were your choice, would you rather make the education:

- agnostic to opinions, teaching facts and learning critical thinking at a risk of people developing opinions which you may find unacceptable

- modeling people to cater to their physical, mental and social health and peace at a risk of discriminatory judgment

- endorsing rationalism and logic over empathy and public opinion

- make people share your moral standing to promote good

Please boost :-)



You are interested in MY opinion? How flattering. 🤔

However, your survey makes one assumption, that it is possible to present facts without colouring them with one's own opinion (or to present facts in a way to maximize the pupil's mental health, etc). I think that is very hard, if at all possible.

I may have misunderstood your question. If so, please clarify.

@alexshendi of course I mean collective "your" of peers on the mastodon :) if it sounded like a marketing trick then I'm sorry, I hate them myself. As of clarification, I've tagged you in a separate status (mastodon.social/@jackdaniel/10)

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