Hi folks!

I'm looking for somebody with a Linux (or OS X) machine and a working Chez Scheme installation, who is willing to help me out by creating boot files for OpenBSD/amd64.

Thank you very much in advance.


Can you execute:

make boot XM=a6ob

in the source directory. And then send me the contents of the boot/a6ob as a tgz-file. (Alexander.Shendi (at)

Many thanks in advance.

-- Alexander

@ckeen Many thanks. I will try these files this evening at home, when I have access to my OpenBSD machine.

It doesn't work. Which version did you generate the files with? I used git master.
Many thanks in advance.


Added "--libkernel" to configuration flags. It works now. Many thanks for your help.

@alexshendi ah cool. for the record it has been master with commit 20f86fea125ecf41b2246ad3ba9e9bb3f8a79c04


Note to future self:

Used same commit as @ckeen .
Installed files @ckeen sent me.
pkg_add -v ossp-uuid
. /configure -m a6ob - -disable-x11 - -installprefix=/usr/local - -libkernel
doas gmake install

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