Being slightly bored and idly surfing the web I came across the following page:

I found a mention of 'A-LISP' there, which I didn't know about. So I deceided to google it. I tried teh following search terms:
- "A-LISP"
- 'A-LISP'
- +"A-LISP"

But in all 4 cases I only received advice on how to cure my lisp, and nothing about A-LISP. Can anyone give me search tips or tell me what A-Lisp is?

@alexshendi Ducking "A-LISP programming" got back a thing called "AutoLISP" which looks related to AutoDesk stuff. No idea if they're the same thing though.


@OTheB What I really want to know: Why can't I search for the literal string "A-LISP" in none of the current search engines?

@alexshendi Some things are just really obscure I guess. Just like if you search "Box in Space" I highly doubt you'd see my website with exactly that name.

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