Spent a lot of time today trying to compile 1.8 on .
Still no success.

@alexshendi Did you start from the port? It has a number of patches that were probably never upstreamed.

I can look into updating the port soon.

@bcallah Yes I did, but I must have done something wrong. I can build an apl executable, but it segfaults.


I currently have some problems sending emails. Could you please notify me,
if you have received anything.

Thanks in advance.


Please check again now. I have had problems with SMTP auth. But it seems to have worked now.

Many thanks.

@alexshendi Still nothing. Just post a diff to or github or something.

@alexshendi Oh, I see what you did here. No, instead run `make update-patches' in /usr/ports/lang/apl then `cvs diff -uNp' and send me that diff.


A couple of questions :

- How should I fetch the ports tree? By ftp from or via AnonCVS?

- After I have obtained the ports tree, I run "cvs diff -uNp" in my source directory? How does cvs know which port to check?

Thank you very much for explaining.

$ cvs checkout -P ports

Then you go to the port directory itself, i.e. lang/apl in your case and run your cvs commands. CVS is smart enough to do the right thing.


What I still need to know:

When I checkout ports lang/apl contains a port set up for GNU APL 1.7. Do I then update it to match my source directory i.e. ~/sources/packages/apl-1.8p2?

Sorry, if I'm dumb, but I have never done this before.

Again, thank you for your patience.

@alexshendi Honestly I would just tackle the bug report right now. I already finished the update but a fix for that compile error is very necessary. Your workaround doesn't actually work.

@bcallah OK, thanks will do that. Do you have a hint, how I can find out more about the cause of the error?

I assume some system header on already defines _B. But which one?


Some more findings:

The same problem occurs when you use g++ 8.3 from ports to compile APL 1.8. So I suspect it's not a clang issue.

Jürgen Sauermann (the author of GNU APL) has responded to my message to bug-apl. He said that the problem is already fixed in SVN. Apparently someone had similar problems under Cygwin. But the fix is the same thing that I did - - namely check if _B and _AB are defined and if so undefine them. Only in Performance.def not in

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@alexshendi Taking a look at this, you should report your issues with to upstream. There's no way your patch to that is OK.

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