@alexshendi Do you have a decent overall description of #apl anywere? I pull together bits and pieces but I miss an authorative source of information

@ckeen @alexshendi I have been somewhat involved in GNU APL, and I can definitely relate to the issues of learning it. There really isn't a single source of information that isn't focusing on Dyalog specifically.

Is there something specific that you want to know that I could assist with?

@alexshendi @ckeen the spec isn't very good for learning the language. In fact, even if you know it it can be really annoying to read.


@loke @ckeen

Do you know how to configure a German keyboard for use with GNU APL? OS is Debian 9.4. Many thanks in advance.

@alexshendi @ckeen You should be able to use the US keymap, and simply switch to that one when using APL. When adding more than one keymap you will have a panel button that allows you too select which one to activate.

Personally, I don't do that since I do all my APL stuff in Emacs. I designed the Emacs keymap for US keyboard, but adjusting it for German would be trivial.

If you do this, I'd be happy to include it in the Emacs mode (I was the one two wrote it).

@alexshendi @loke You can use a modified .XCompose filelike the one distributed in GNU APL

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