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Calling all experts!
Recent & Future roleplaying activities require me to use Zoom and Discord. Is this possible under OpenBSD 6.8-beta (recent snapshot)?

pass -funsafe-math-optimizations to your compiler to allow it to do math optimizations that are fun and safe

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Woo my MUD has its first NPC

Attached is a screenshot of the code that makes her, which is really rough and verbose because well, its the first one!

But, she can send messages to players in the same room as her, and move herself room to room.

2. 6.7-current. System boots up fine, but then the video console becomes garbled. Graphics does not work.

I would be grateful what to do or try in order to get some kind of support.

Many thanks in advance.

/CC: @phessler @solene @stsp @ckeen @bcallah (please feel free to boost)

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Hi people on the Fediverse.

I have tried to install OpenBSD on a recently acquired GPD MicroPC. The problem I have with it is that it has a Gemini Lake Chipset with the associated Intel graphics chipset. This is apparently not supported by and also I can't get the EFI framebuffer to work.
I have tried:
1. Vanilla 6.7 text console works, but cannot get graphics to work. Besides the build in keyboard detaches it self from USB and I have to connect an external keyboard to continue.

@ckeen @wasamasa @forth

Very sadly I must admit that I have fried at least the 7805 voltage regulator during my experiments. Full assessment of damage ongoing.


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#OpenBSD people of the fediverse!

What is a good, blowfish supported, wifi card that can be used 24/7 in a server with no other means of connectivity?

I have heard good things about Intel cards, but do you have recommendations? 🐡

Boosts appreciated!

@ckeen @wasamasa @forth
Behold the Next Generation Mobile Forth Workstation powered by's Minstrel 4th!!!
Now I only need a Mobile Power Supply™ to be truly mobile.

I need to get serious about programming the next generation MIND.AI whilst blissfully travelling.

Dear @dthompson,

Sorry to bother you.

What would be the advantage of using over plain -sdl when I only have a bitmap (probably represented as an u8vector) that is to be displayed every frame? I don't have any 3D objects or meshes and don't wish to use OpenGL.

Thank you for your help.

Dear @_tj ,

I think I once pestered you regarding details of controlling the fan on the gpd pocket under . Now I seem to have lost all the pointers. Would you care to enlighten me again about this topic? I want to write a user program to control the fan under either or . Thank you very much in advance. 💖💖💖

In non related news:

Nice Programming Book™ arrived from Kyiv. Thanks !

I have a new toy: The Ministrel 4th from Tynemouth Software , a Jupiter Ace clone with a whopping 48K of main memory (48 times more than the original, Imagine that!!!). I will attempt to connect it to a TV and a cassette recorder tomorrow.

I will regale you with my continued progress, wether you want it or not.

@ckeen @forthy
@cstrotm @forth

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Git and GitHub are handy software tools for managing & collaborating.

Here's a free crash course on how to use them:

(credit: @faradayacademy @freeCodeCamp @xkcdComic)

@ckeen, have you seen this:

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Dan Banay just released a few days ago, on the day of the 80th anniversary of Alan Kay, a fully functional Smalltalk-80 VM capable of running the original ST-80 images as distributed by Xerox Parc in 1979 and 1980

@ckeen @wasamasa @galaxis

So I have some additional info:

The system actually runs under FreeDOS 1.3RC2. The system identifies as "Squeak 1.23 of October 4 1997". Which, of course, is Olde.

So I hope to have sated your curiosity.

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