I, @alexshendi wrote some time ago:

"I second the request for an :orc: emoji. @pamela, Could I commission some?"

I would like to refresh the memory of @pamela and inquire ever so gently, if there was a free slot in her job queue.


VCS, shit 

I like my plush pufferfish. He never contradicts me and always listens attentively to me. :openbsd: :red_heart: :red_heart: :red_heart:

To paraphrase Schopenhauer:
"Seit ich die Menschen kenne, liebe ich die Plüschtiere."

Meine Abteilung sucht übrigens noch einen VB(6 & .NET) und zwei C# Developer. Letztere für ein grosses Neuprojekt from Scratch. Ersteres um in den Jahren des Übergangs das Altprojekt mit mir zu betreuen.
Ort: südliches Niedersachsen, englisch in Wort und Schrift muss mindestens brauchbar sein, da internationale Teams.

expertise wanted.
What is the status of the aarch64/arm64 port? Is it usable on the following machines:

1. 11" Pinebook (1080p version)
2. Pinebook Pro (eMMC boot disabled)

I have now acquired a serial cable. Do I need it for the install? Or can I use an unattended install to install w/ xenodm enabled?

Is the image at dropbox.com/s/yas1glfvvucb9a0/ still recommended? Or should I just use miniroot.fs frm the standard arm64 directory?

uspol, trump 

Video @ FOSDEM: Forth - The New Synthesis 

@wasamasa @ckeen @Kooda

Should I cancel my trip to the CHICKEN user's meeting in Oslo, now that I have used another Scheme implementation and under DOS to boot? 😇 🙈 🙉 🙊

@wasamasa @Kooda @ckeen
To install the TI version (3.03):
mkdir temp1
cd temp1
swsubst a: c:\temp1
install.bat c: \pcs w
cd pcs

1. the above procedure installs PC Scheme into a directory c:\pcs.
2. There are versions for low memory, EMS and XMS, pcs.exe, pcsems.exe, pcsext.exe respectively. Pcsems.exe and pcsext.exe can use up to 2MB of memory, but run slower.

Great Success! Qapla!!! \0/ !!!

I have installed both versions and both work. However the older TI version needs some additional FreeDOS command to get it to install. It desperately wants to be installed from a floppy :florp: :guillotine: :mastodon_oops: (drive A:).

To install PCS/Geneva (4.0PL2):
mkdir geneva
cd geneva

The instructions for the original TI version are in the next post.
@wasamasa @Kooda @ckeen

Currently installing FreeDOS 1.3RC2 on my EeePC 701. Will keep you informed.

@wasamasa @Kooda @ckeen

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