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oh boy!!! early Christmas by
Open Sourcing Parsing
you don't know how hyped parsers get me 😂

So I guess Swift Evolution was better in a mailing list? 😂

Just a friendly reminder that Xcode still doesn't let us run tooling outside build phases. 👏🏻

〶 How do I update swiftformat
I wrote about my process when updating a code formatter. May seem like a trivial thing but there are important things to take into account every time.

Are all  TV+ documentaries narrated by the avengers? 😂
(Kudos for them to use the correct dub actors 👌🏻)

I'm glad to see a PR giving some advice on the docs
this issue is the only one I found myself hitting often when working with TCA. having docs and a way to accept the behaviour is a nice reality check.

Yesterday's update adds 28 new full screen art pieces, which adds to a total of 544 amazing wallpapers <3

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New cards day, which means new awesome wallpapers!
Now I need to pick one to update the readme ^^

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And here I am playing it perfectly well on a 5y (£1k) old PC :)



BTW never buy a digital game on the store. Their return policy is completely useless.

Let me remind you that you should have a backup system in place. Better now that when you need it.
Use my referral link and get a free month of unlimited backup!

👌🏻 I’ve been writing Swift since day 1 and loving it since then.
I also battled to NOT use it in our big app (a battle that I lost and I’m still paying the price for 😂)
Being ‘ahead of the curve’ (such an ugly phrase) is what gave me the tools to decide.

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RT I do think people who haven’t touched Swift are lagging behind. I’m not saying people should rewrite or use it, but if you’re developing for the Apple ecosystem you should at least look into it (and then decide it isn’t for you).It’ll also help if you decide to switch in 3 years.


Seriously things like this make me desire for Goodreads to disappear and leave space for a better alternative.

I wish somebody from the SwiftUI watched the series and confirmed or refuted some things.
Until that happens I will consider what is said here as the truth :P as long as the visible behaviour is that nobody is gonna tell us otherwise ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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I started like "it makes sense, ez, gg, wp" but then happened 😂
I don't usually have problems writing SwiftUI but it turns out that when you stop and think about it... is much more complex that one thinks.
Thanks for the useful explanation!

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I've been catching up on Swift Talk and I can't recommend enough the SwiftUI layout videos.

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