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“Swift is being a 🍆 because language nerds are taking over”
But no good example about that ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I feel that those people are the ones that are there to solve the real issues with the type system, issues that we complain about. when you break the mental OOP walls you can actually find nice solutions. I think I've found a way to have a nice API for the storage of the metadata.

SwiftUI, list with indices without enumerated

This thing gets me every time 😂 that’s when you write a post just to remind your future self

The cool thing is that this is just a swift package, and adding it to your Publish site is so easy! I think we're seeing the advantages of SPM finally :)

I'm working on a Plugin for Publish to display "reading time" since I have that on my current blog.
I'm still playing around with the API so it's not released yet. I'm not happy with how data is stored, I need to figure out something better.

And let's be clear, the best character is The Rocinante ^^ I love that name, not only because is a Spanish reference but because it's so funny.
Specially when "read" in spanish, since "ship" uses a feminine article, La Rocinante. It gets me every time 😂

I finished The Expanse (up to S4) and what a great show. I love how it proofs that good sci-fi can be more sci than fi. I can't wait for more!

the video is good but many things are a bit "'re you sure...?" I guess those are the views from somebody that hasn't read the books or isn't a big fan of the series.

An english youtuber mentioning in a video a spanish youtuber. Pretty nice 👌🏻


Un youtuber de música muy guay llamado ha hecho un análisis de Harry Potter 3, de la evolución del Mischief Theme (el que yo llamaba "Tema de la Magia Lol🍭")
Y de cómo se relaciona con el mapa del merodeador, Fred y George, y muchas cosas más


Listening to ⁦⁩ and I’m amazed at this clip. Who still uses SMS? Is this a US thing?

Okey, now that I've taken a look I can relax a little bit. But the hype increased :) this is super cool and has so much potential.
I may finally make a world building blog with this ^^

I'm not gonna be able to enjoy the day if I don't give this a try, so let's take a look live!


Today is a day I’ve been looking forward to for a long time 🙂

Introducing Publish — a static site generator for Swift developers 🚀

This is the tool I’m using to build Swift by Sundell, and I’m so happy to finally be able to share it with all of you 😀


Everybody criticising Apples Memoji and now we have Bitmoji that are worse. Well done guys 👏🏻

The Dragon Prince is a great show. Don’t be put out by the fact that is animation. It rivals the best shows and stories out there. Give it a try!

Well job done. The movie is so bad that is funny. The thing is that IMO that’s inline with all other star wars movies so It was expected and I enjoyed some scenes ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ a world with so much potential but the movies are so shhhhh.

I wanted to rewarch the previous 2 movies but the witcher happened 🤪

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