I really loved this quote from @cocoawithlove@twitter.com article. Nice read 👌🏻 quote.plus/p6x

And here I am playing it perfectly well on a 5y (£1k) old PC :)

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Such a great episode to know more about Swift’s performance.

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This week we take a deep dive into Swift string performance, and we're using swift-benchmark in order to have a scientific basis for comparison.

For example, we prove that the Substring abstraction really does make string copying super performant.

👉 pointfree.co/episodes/ep127-pa

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🎉 Today I'm releasing a little CLI tool!
Runeterra Wallpapers Downloader allows you to get the amazing art from @PlayRuneterra@twitter.com to be used as your personal desktop wallpapers.
The art is stunning so check it out!
🔗 github.com/alexito4/RuneterraW

So hyped for anything runeterra related ^^

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Here's what's coming in Patch 1.15...

🛠️ New lab: Recursive Heroes 101
⏱️ Round Timer Update
💻 Player Profiles
🏆 Seasonal Tournaments

Find out more in the Patch 1.15 Notes: riot.com/3pRp11r

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This is me when I hear @pointfreeco@twitter.com saying they will have an episode on URL parsing.
I still think is a missing part of our library ecosystem.

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Why URLComponents don't have pathComponents: [String] but URL does? Am I missing something?
Also is there any up to date / maintained micro library to match against parts of a URL? I just want to get an id from the path!

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So == false or this? 😂

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Reading some library code … found this

Not sure what to think

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Unpopular opinion about weak vs. unowned 🙈
it's a clip from the concurrency roadmap video youtube.com/watch?v=5wz8d8n154
what are your thoughts? do you like living with the risk? 🎉

2020, the most valuable tech company can’t:
- show its own event on pages outside the US
- show the time of the event on a local timezone
Seriously bro

WHY... I have mixed feelings about this event @PlayRuneterra@twitter.com

I can only imagine what this team is going through

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We have important news to share with you

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〶 Do you know how to capture references to instances that don't exist?
Come to my blog and let me walk you through the process of figuring out the solution.

I thought all the widget apps were quite useless all doing the same, but this is quite interesting. The only one that really lets you create custom widgets.

Using Shortcuts to change an icon is such a bad hack, but I’m tempted. I can’t stand this ugly ⁦@messenger@twitter.com⁩ icon wtf

Wait, does @BrandSanderson@twitter.com listen to @ApproachNirvana@twitter.com when writing? <3

Quite happy with some beautiful pics from today.
More on instagrami ^^
❤️ @annarellaport@twitter.com

I love these type of games because you can introduce a small new thing and there is a combinatorial explosion of mechanics. Can’t wait for how landmarks change the game and what new lore they give us!

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Introducing Landmarks - they're played like a unit, but can't attack, block, or take damage, and have a persistent effect on the entire game.

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