I'm working on a Plugin for @johnsundell@twitter.com Publish to display "reading time" since I have that on my current blog.
I'm still playing around with the API so it's not released yet. I'm not happy with how data is stored, I need to figure out something better.


@johnsundell@twitter.com when you break the mental OOP walls you can actually find nice solutions. I think I've found a way to have a nice API for the storage of the metadata.

@johnsundell@twitter.com Here is the video from yesterday's stream youtu.be/8uELlWDCYqM how to make a plugin for Publish.

What you think about the usage of private global variables to magically add storage to a type? Is this abusing ? I think it gives a super nice API so is totally worth it ^^

@alexito4 Global state, however it is implemented, is a huge problem when debugging, testing and trying to run anything in parallel. Hiding it by making it private makes it even worse. If you really have to keep some kind of context, have an explicit object for it.

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